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Two Months to CAT Exam - Week Wise Approach

Calender Icon CAT Registration Ends: 13th September 2023

Two Months to CAT Exam Week Wise Approach

2 months to CAT 2023 – A Week Wise Approach

CAT 2023 is in November, 2023; which is exactly 2 months away from today. Some important information regarding the CAT 2023 dates:

  1. The CAT 2023 registration will end in Sep,  2023. 
  2. The CAT 2023 admit cards will be available for download from Oct, 2023.
  3. Those who have successfully registered and paid the CAT 2023 registration fee but have improper/blur photographs; can login and re-upload their photograph from Sep 2023.

With the release of CAT 2023 admit cards, candidates will know their exam time slot which will help them plan for their exam day.

This article is second in series to‘3 Months to CAT – Your Winning Strategy'.

In the previous article we provided you with a detailed month wise plan where all the areas of focus were listed section-wise. With just 8 weeks remaining at length in hand some things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not to start anything from scratch.
  2. Polish the topics that are your strengths.
  3. Focus on your scores rather than the percentile.
  4. A score between 180 till 200 means you are doing exceptionally well.

Week 1 - Week 2 
(24th Nov – 8th Oct)

  1. Set 1 hour daily for reading which includes editorials, current affairs, magazines and novels.
  2. Solve at least 2 RCs and 4 DILR sets daily.
  3. Write 3 sectional mocks in a week and analyse them thoroughly. Work on the topics you could not solve or felt you were short of time.
  4. Write 1 full mock at the end of each week and analyse your improvement based on the sectional mock.
  5. Work on improving your calculation skills. Use a smart approach rather than a traditional one.
  6. If you are a working professional, utilise the national holiday on Oct 2.

GOAL: You should be familiar with all the topics in each section.

Week 3 - Week 4
(9th Oct – 22nd Oct)

  1. Based on your scores list down the areas under 3 categories:
  2. Pick topics in which you scored ‘Average’ and ‘Need Improvement’ from previous weeks and focus on them. Get your doubts cleared from a faculty or friends. Solve questions based on those topics and compare if your understanding has improved.
  3. Stick to your reading routine. Use flash cards to learn new words everyday and revise the list at the end of the day.
  4. Stick to solving 3-4 DILR sets daily apart from the sectionals and the full mocks you attempt.
  5. Write 3 sectional mocks by the end of Week 3 and analyse your performance.
  6. Write a full mock at the end of Week 4 and compare your scores from the previous week. In case you do not see any improvement, focus on the mistakes you have made.
  7. Use a virtual calculator while writing your mock test to get used to it.

GOAL: Make a list of areas based on your scores – Strong, Average, Need Improvement

Week 5 - Week 6 
(23rd Oct – 5th Nov)

  1. With the start of November 2023 the countdown to other exams such as MICAT 2023, SNAP 2023 and IIFT 2023 will also begin. Some of you may have already written NMAT 2023 as well. Even though the syllabi of some of the exams may overlap, the techniques and approach vary.
  2. Continue reading and elevate the difficulty level of DILR sets you solve.
  3. Start solving previous year CAT exams from Week 5. Although the questions will not be repeated, but it is a good way to assess the difficulty level of questions you can expect in CAT 2022.
  4. Write full mocks every 3-4 days and spend a day thoroughly analysing them.
  5. Keep correcting your mistakes.

GOAL: The areas that were marked under ‘Average’ section should have moved under ‘Strong’.

Week 7 - Week 8
(6th Nov – 19th Nov)

  1. This could be a distracted week due to Diwali, but it is the right time to decouple your self from any outside distraction.
  2. If you are a working professional make sure you have applied for leaves for this time.
  3. Solve the previous year CAT exams and write mocks in every 2-3 days.
  4. When you write your mocks this week, scan the questions which fall under your strong areas and attempt them first. If time permits attempt the topics under which you fair average. This is a good way to test and polish your speed and accuracy.
  5. Revise and invest time in what you know and improve your accuracy.

GOAL: You should be consistent in your scores as far as your ‘Strong’ areas are concerned.

Last Leg: 20th Nov – 24th Nov

  1. This is the final lap. Keep yourself relaxed and do all your activities with 100% concentration. Do leisure reading.
  2. Make sure you sleep for 8 hours and wake up fresh. Keep a fixed schedule based on the time slot of your final CAT 2023 exam. If you have to write your exam in Slot 2 make sure you are attentive during that period.
  3. Brush yourself with the latest tournaments that have taken place in the year 2023 like Golf, Cricket, Tennis and Football. Having knowledge about the rules of such games would be handy in the DILR section
  4. Revise your formulae, tables, squares, cubes, square roots etc to fasten up your calculation speed for the QA section.
  5.  Read RC passages from previous years.

GOAL: Keep a relaxed mind with ‘Strong’ areas on your tips. Give your heart and soul to CAT 2023.

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