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Language Comprehension

CMAT Exam Date: May 2024

Language Comprehension
MBA aspirants who are appearing for CMAT 2023 exam will be conducted on April 2023., may find following useful in Language Comprehension section:
Language Comprehension
In CMAT exams, the Verbal Ability section is termed as Language Comprehension. As per the previous question papers, you may expect that there will be 25 questions in this section of Language Comprehension, out of total 100 questions. 
This section will have:
• Short parajumbles that have four to five sentences to be marked in correct order
• Expression based questions that have a statement/idiomatic expression and it has to be matched with the right meaning given in the options 
• English language passage based questions
• Words or phrases based questions 
• Vocabulary questions that needs knowledge of synonyms and antonyms 
• Fill in the blanks, idioms, etc.
Although there is no hard and fast rule, but the Language Comprehension section of CMAT can be divided into three parts –
• Reading Comprehension
• Vocabulary or English Usage and 
• Critical Reasoning
The Reading Comprehension or RC will be having passages of around 120 words and they will be followed by questions that derive their answer from the given passage only. The questions asked are mainly direct, with some of them inferential and summary based.
The vocabulary questions are on Synonyms, Antonyms, Word Usage, Idioms, Sentence Completion and Analogy, Para Jumbles and Fact Inference and Judgment (FIJ). The Critical Reasoning and Grammar questions of this section cover all the other aspects of the language and grammar.
This section tests not only the English Language expertise of the aspirants but also their analysis skills. It puts a comprehensive English test in front of the students which includes the test of grammar, tenses, vocabulary, jumbled paragraphs, reading comprehension and many other topics.
Thus, this section needs knowledge as well as the accurate execution of that knowledge in order to score high in the CMAT 2023 exam.
Thus, this section needs knowledge as well as the accurate execution of that knowledge in order to score high in the CMAT 2023 exam.

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