About IIM - V

IIM Bangalore, established in 1973, is the mentor institute for IIM Visakhapatnam.Union Minister for Human Resource Development Smriti Irani laid the foundation stone for the Indian Institute of Management-Visakhapatnam – on January 17, 2015 at Gambiram village, about 25 km from Visakhapatnam.

Programme Offered - PGP

Core courses

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Financial Accounting (3)

Competition & Strategy (3)

Business, Government & Society (3)

Quantitative Methods-I (3)

Corporate Finance (3)

Managing Organisations (3)

Managerial Economics (3)

Macroeconomics (3)

Management Accounting (2)

Operations Management (3)

Quantitative Methods-II (3)

Elective 1 (3)

Marketing Management (3)

Managing People and Performance in Organisations (3)

Elective 2 (3)

Managerial Communication- I (2)

Managerial Communication- II (1)

Elective 3 (3)

17 credits

16 credits

17 credits

Eligibility Criteria

IIMV adopts a two-phase selection process and accordingly these selection criteria are applied in two phases. The selection process, parameters and weights used are uniform for all categories of applicants. Sufficient candidates are short listed at each stage in each category to meet the reservation requirement for each group, as applicable at that time.


The first phase process is applied to all eligible candidates who appeared for CAT 2014 and have applied for IIM Andhra Pradesh (now IIM Visakhapatnam) to determine those qualifying candidates who will be called to reconfirm their interest for admission to PGP 2015-17 of IIM Visakhapatnam.

Table 1: First Shortlist - For the batch of 2015-17 based on CAT 2014 

Minimum Percentile Requirements for the first shortlist (2015)*
Category SEC 1 (QDI) SEC 2 (VLR) Aggregate
General Merit 80 85 90
NC-OBC 70 75 80
SC 60 60 75
ST 50 50 65
DA 50 50 65

*these cutt-offs are not for admission offers whose scores could be much higher

Phase 2

 For all Qualified Confirmed Candidates, the candidates' percentage scores in the 10th and 12th board exams are initially adjusted by dividing each such score by the 90th percentile score obtained in that board. The database of 10th and 12th scores of all CAT applicants of the past two years is used for identifying the 90th percentile score for each 10th and 12th board for this purpose

 For all Qualified Confirmed Candidates, final scores obtained by the candidate are used for the bachelors' degree and professional degrees (if any). Incomplete or intermediate scores are considered only if the candidate's final score was pending. Thus, for final year bachelor's degree candidates (at the time of CAT registration), their incomplete graduation score would be taken in lieu of final graduation score. Graduation scores are adjusted within their respective categories. This gives the adjusted score for the bachelor's degree for all Qualified Confirmed Candidates.

 Eligible for weight under professional course

  1. Chartered Accountancy
  2. Cost Accounting
  3. Company Secretary certifications

 For all Qualified Confirmed Candidates, the score/weight for work experience is calculated as:

Score for Work Experience = 10x/36 (if 0 < x < 36)
= 10 (if x >= 36)

Where x is the months of work experience up to September 2014, as captured in CAT application form. This implies that the score will peak at 36 months work experience and will remain at that level for candidates with work experience exceeding 36 months.

 For all Qualified Confirmed Candidates, other than work experience or professional course, the weights for the remaining four components (each of them being standardized) are fixed as:

CAT = 20,

10th board = 15

12th board = 10

Bachelors = 15

 For all Qualified Confirmed Candidates, the weighted aggregate of the five components namely

(a) work experience or professional course (b) CAT, (c) 10th board, (d) 12th board, (e) bachelors as stated above is used to prepare a rank list for admission offers / waiting lists.

For all Qualified Confirmed Candidates, normalization or standardization in any component stated above is carried out as per the following formula. All standardization is done with reference to the qualifying first shortlist. Standardized score (truncated between 0 and weight (wt)) is computed from the raw score (val)as:

Max [0, min {wt, wt/2 + ((val-mean)/ sd) * wt/6}]

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