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Creative Ideas

Corporate and business world is ever changing. It faces unfamiliar and unpredictable challenges everyday making it volatile due to variety of alteration in the environment, business models and market places.

These never ending challenges require solutions and these come from the ideas generated within the company. Though it may sound dicey as mere random ideas won’t let the company have a sustainable existence. The company looks for solutions that are promptly devised, can be quickly executed and are cost-effective to yield sustainable results.

This is especially true as competitive pressures require faster delivery of new products and services. In short, businesses are pushed to innovate before the competition does. Failure to do so can yield even fewer creative responses and less financial profit.

For any MBA graduate who wants to be an active part of the corporate world or dreams to work in an MNC, it is mandatory to communicate and present these ideas time and again. This would certainly pave a way to quickly climb up the echelons of any organization and be on the good books of the superiors. Hence, creative and actionable ideas are the need of the hour.

To make their talent and skills known to their superiors, rather than waiting for the opportunity to be promoted by your subordinates or seniors an individual must take the initiative to promote himself.

“We have to understand that the world can only be grasped by actionable ideas, not by contemplation. The profit of great ideas only comes when you turn them into reality.”

Promoting oneself comes by effectively communicating your creative ideas in board room meetings and during presentations. Making a great idea work requires more than just imagination and meetings are the ideal opportunity to come into the limelight and develop a good impression in the office.

Creative ideas do not have any side-effects unless you screw it up and fail to present it impeccably to your superiors. Meetings and presentations serve as the perfect public platform where you can voice your opinion and make yourself audible in the crowd.

Thus, it is imperative that an individual keenly participate in such discussions and utilizes the meetings fruitfully to present his ideas or suggestions. The surest and the fastest way to grab the eyeballs of the senior management is to prepare for the discussions well in advance and do your homework properly so as to come with ideas that are sustainable and profitable for the company in the long run.

Doing your homework requires in depth study and is a herculean task but it can’t be averted to speak confidently and counter any query during the discussion. This helps in conveying a point with clarity and people take you seriously.

Now the question cropping up in your mind might be how to prepare. The source of data and preparation itself builds a lot of credibility on inputs. We often get indulged into brain storming and grapple to look outside for ideas. But the best way is to ask your clients or customers. Ideas emerge from the market and market comprises nothing but your customers.

Ask your customers what changes they expect in the product, what new feature they want to see and the areas in which they want improvement.

Another deterrent factor that does not let the creative ideas flourish in many organizations is due to the strict bosses and stern office atmosphere. Many employees feel intimidated in keeping their views across in a confident and satisfactory manner.

Here are few tips that will help you communicate your creative ideas effectively for an everlasting impression:

  1. Regular practice: Practice makes a man perfect. For a consistent performance it is necessary to practice regularly. Physically practice in front of a mirror. Look at your expression and check your diction. You should sound impeccable and convincing. If possible take help of your friends or peer group.
  2. Confidence is power: Without confidence you will be regarded as invalid in office. You must remind yourself that that you are worth being heard of. If you fumble or stutter while you speak people will not take you seriously. Improvise on your hand gestures and body language.
  3. Professionalism: Your professional attitude should speak volumes about you. Whatever you do or how you do you should be professional in your approach. Cordial and professional is the key to survive in any organization.
  4. Adaptability: If you are unable to adjust to your work culture or the atmosphere then make adaptability your asset. Don’t forget you will always confront strict bosses and stern atmosphere at workplace as this is not your home but office.
  5. Go outside for ideas: If you are suffering from a block in your thinking process then instead of confining yourself within the four walls go outside and look for ideas. You can absorb a lot from it.
  6. Brainstorming: Apart from looking outside keep on doing regular brainstorming while sitting idle. It will give a boost to your thinking activity making you come up with more creative ideas.
  7. Know your customers: Your customers or clients can be the answer to your every query. Don’t underestimate their importance as many companies falter in the long run because they don’t keep a track on their TG (target group)
  8. Gauge yourself: Always keep a check on your growth progress. Measure how much you have grown as an efficient worker over the time and how you can prove more as a worthy asset to your company.
  9. Look up to your mentors: This is very essential as every person in his life does need initial guidance to get a proper kick start. Utilise your colleagues and even managers as testing boards. It would be better to keep few mentors in your organization who are your seniors but whom you are not directly reporting. Put forth your ideas in front of them and learn from their feedback to refine your thoughts.
  10. Do your homework sincerely: Last but not the least homework is vital. If you don’t want to make a mockery of yourself and want to sound intelligent then sincere homework is the key.

Today there is a huge need for fresh, innovative and original ideas to simplify the corporate world with its complex, ever-changing environments. To cope up with the change in the market structure it is essential to keep putting your creative ideas or proposals.

Creative ideas that enrich life by adding your own creative contributions to human progress can go a long way in redefining your individuality and making a long lasting impression on your superiors. In the long run it will always work in your favour when you move to any organization.

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