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Cultural inclusiveness through Committees at K J Somaiya Institute of Management: Shaping up the leaders of tomorrow

K J Somaiya Institute of Management is located right at the heart of the west-Indian city, Mumbai. The institute plays a big role for numerous students coming from all over the world. It is not only an educational hub but also home to a lot of its students who come to launch their managerial careers amidst the best and the brightest.

There is a strong sense of cultural identity, exchange, and diversity amongst the students on the campus, owing to the fact that students belonging from all over the country, and even the world have chosen the prestigious courses rolled out by the institute.

As the institute believes in the comprehensive and holistic development of its students, they focus on more than just academics. Ample opportunities are presented to them so that they can explore and apply their skill-sets before descending to the corporate world.

K J Somaiya Institute of Management has 28 student-driven clubs and committees for cultural exchange as well as ideation that focuses on the overall development of the students. These committees are further categorized based on their functionalities and objectives. The groupings are as follows: Core Committees, Subject/ Area Specific Committees, Professional Growth Committees, and Cultural Development Committees. All these committees play a major role in shaping up the thoughts and ideas of the students, especially since they get to tap onto their professional and creative side. The Cultural Development Committees such as Mauj – the official college band, Grooves - The official dance club, SIMSR Studios – the official drama club amongst various others ensure and instil the seed of cultural exchange, as well as cultural development amongst the students.

These clubs and committees organize and host inter and intra college competitions, events, and gatherings at a regular interval to engross and familiarize the students with what to expect as future leaders and managers in their respective fields, along with knowledge transfer.

K J Somaiya Institute of Management is an institution that emboldens students to actively participate and involve themselves with the provided requisite experiential and intellectual stimulation. Right from the Admissions Committee and the Placement Committee, to Interface - the Marketing Committee and Finstreet - the Finance Committee, all the students put in extra vigour and dedication while working, to take the institution to great heights with their work, while simultaneously adding value to their experiences as well.

The Toastmasters Club, which works with a sheer passion to help the students in diversifying and expanding their understanding and knowledge about the industry at large, holds regular interactive sessions that helps the students strengthening their interaction and communicative skills, as well as prepare them for networking, which is one of the biggest takeaways from an MBA college.

The Consulting Club, known as Consultancy@SIMSR, gives the students a chance to work for services in the consultancy domain, as well as with various entrepreneurs, business enterprises, and voluntary organizations.

The institution lends full support to the students with their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and helps them in becoming the best and most refined versions of themselves. This helps not only for the enhancement of their expertise but it also ensures that they continue with their passion, interest, and hobbies alongside the onerous course structure.

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