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Water Resources - Essay

Water Resources

Essay writing has also become a tool to test you on communication skills. MBA aspirants may be asked to write essay before GD & PI. Today, you will read Essay on : Water Resources

Water Resources are sources of water and water resource management is a system meant for conservation and protection of the water. Use of water includes agricultural, industrial, household, recreational and environmental activities. Almost all of these human uses require fresh water. Magic of water is that nobody can stay alive without water. Unsavory fact is that 97% of water on the earth is salt water, and only 3% is fresh water of which slightly over 2/3 is in hard shape i.e glaciers and polar ice caps.

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Water is necessary for all dimensions of life. Over the past few decades, with the great increase in population all over the world, use of water has increased which leads to water scarcity in many places. Approximately eighty countries, with forty percent of the world’s population, are already facing water shortages. Now you can imagine what would the picture of future when by year 2020, world’s population will be double.

Water is a unique substance. Water Resources management is a very important issue with regard to the conservation and the protection of water. Water resource management is meant to manage the available water resources wisely and to deliver the necessary amount for sustainable development. Additional use of water is not only the reason behind its crisis but poor use and lack of good management of water resource leads to unavailability of water at many places.

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In India condition of water resource management is much worst.  Our country is blessed with many big rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Jhelum, Chinab, Satluj etc. One of our state is named after 5 rivers ‘Punjab’ which means ‘Land of five rivers’. India is known as a country of agriculture. On reality grounds picture is different. Day by day country’s water resources are getting shrink with the growth of infrastructure.

The quality of water in rivers and underground has deteriorated, due to pollution by waste and contaminants from cities, and industries etc.  In every locality, in every house we can easily find an electronic motor suctioning water from municipal pipes. Demand of RO water purify system is on top because water supply from municipal pipe lines are not clean and pure. It is a threat to our health if we drink supplied water directly.

We cannot deny the fact that poor water resource management system in India weakens the nation’s strength to fight against drought. The policies of most state governments for dealing with drought is to “wait’ till it rains”. Luckily, geographical shapes of India fetch good rain every year but we are unable to store rain water. Last year chief minister of Bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar, declared entire Bihar state as drought affected. Such situation can happen to any state, if we keep on ignoring water resources and its maintenance.

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Government has taken many steps to rescue water resources in the country.  Many policies were outlined to maintain water resources like National water policy has been formed in 1987, National Conservation strategy and policy statement on environment and development, 1992 and policy statement for abatement of pollution, 1992. 

These strategies and policies are mechanisms for water pollution control. There are so many sections and acts are designed for general public to fight against polluted water one of important section is 277 of the IPC. Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 is meant to curb the various kinds of water pollution. Many more suggestive measures should be implementing. Government should take up rehabilitation work through its own resources; more use of local resources, rain water harvesting, river-canals connectivity, De- siltation of river beds , reducing the sediment loads.

There should be more strict and suitable laws to control over exploitation of ground water and for proper regulation of water resources. Government should come forward more actively to implement water resource management system in India so that people do not feel the pang of hunger or suffer from lack of potable water or polluted water.

Water has become a highly precious resource. There are some places in the world where a barrel of water costs more than a barrel of oil. Grave fact is that in whole world, one billion people lack safe water and three billions are lacking sanitation, eighty percent of infectious diseases are waterborne, killing millions of children each year and our country is one of them. It’s a high time for all of us to realize our responsibility towards making an effort to save water and not to destroy our ecosystem.

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