Impossible says I am possible

Impossible says I am possible

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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There is an old saying. The way you choose to look at the water filled glass will all the difference. If you see the glass as half empty, you will always be craving for more. However, if you see the glass as half full, you will feel the need for nothing more. The same goes for things that seem extremely difficult. If you believe that they are impossible, the fact is that you will find them nothing but impossible. However, if you decipher the word “impossible” to read it as “I’m possible”, you will always strive to achieve it and the chances are that you will achieve it in real 
It is the perspective of the person that makes all the difference. If you resign yourself to the belief that it is impossible to achieve something, you will give up the hope and sop fighting. However, if you believe that whatever you wish to achieve is not impossible, you will fight with a hope and when you have a hope and a will, you give a fight with all your heart and that is what makes all the difference.  Some people have this optimistic approach to things and the never say die attitude that keeps them going even in the worst or the most difficult of the situations. Then there are some other people who are not born with this outlook. Instead, they develop the spirit of never accepting failure over the years.
If you are someone who give up easily on things and accept defeat rather easily, make sure that you change the way you look at things. As an M.B.A aspirant, it is rather one of those things that you are going to need. With so many people competing for getting into the best M.B.A institutes and not just that, with so much competition all around, you will have to learn to give a great fight rather than easily accepting defeat or getting disheartened.  Not just now but all throughout your life and in this field, you will feel the need to learn to say that impossible is I’m possible. 
Here are a few things that can help us to develop the “never say never” attitude in yourself. 
1.Learn to accept challenges: A lot of people repel or rather run away from the idea of accepting something that is challenging or which makes them uncomfortable. Most of us like to work within our set limits of comfortable and fun. The moment things start to get a little difficult, we begin to pull our self back. Rather than pulling yourself in the back direction, one should push themselves forward in the right direction. Until and unless, you take on some challenges and prove yourself in them, you will never realize your own potential and will never be able to believe that you can turn the impossible into I’m possible. Accepting challenges, fighting to win them and winning them at last, makes a person realize his own worth and his capabilities. Accept challenges as they make you strong and prepare you to fight in all kinds of conditions. 
2.Work and forget about the result: Most of us do not even give something a full hearted try because we surmise in the beginning itself that we will not be able to achieve that particular thing. This is the biggest mistake that anyone can ever make. Once you have taken up a work, never think about the result. You may or may not succeed in the end. However, what matters more is that you give your best and leave the rest to destiny. Give a fight to win but let the victory not be everything. Realize that even if you lose, the experience of the fight will stay with you and help you in your next endeavor. We should always aim to win. However, at times, it is better to forget about the victory or loss and just be a part of the race towards the end. 
3.Read about people who inspire you: When the going gets tough, most of us lose heart and sit down broken. Do you think you should be really doing that? Instead of giving up easily, you should actually fight even harder and come back with a bang. After having lost your heart once and believing that what you wish to achieve is impossible, how can you be inspired to give a good fight all over again? The answer is simple. Read about people whose stories are great and who can inspire you. Human behavior is quite simple. When we see people around us and people like us who have achieved the impossible, it inspires us to work harder and strive harder for it makes us believe that when other people like us can do it, we can do it too. So, keep reading stories about people who can inspire you to do better. 
4.Try and try till you succeed: Nothing in this world is impossible if you try and try till you succeed. You may fail once. You may fail twice but if you still come back and give it a try the third time, you will succeed for sure. The only way of achieving impossible is to never give up. The only way to achieve impossible is to know in your mind that it is not impossible but totally possible if you give it a whole hearted try. 
In the end, it is the perspective that makes all the difference. The way you choose to look at things will determine very largely how successful you will be in your life. 
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