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Obsessed to be successful

Obsessed to be successful
Extempore Speech has also become a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA selection process. 

MBARendezvous.com - India's content lead MBA Website has initiated series of articles on "Extempore Speech" which will certainly help you to clear MBA admission selection.  

This article on " Obsessed to be successful ” will boost your confidence to be successful in Extempore Speech: 

There are so many people out there in the world who are obsessed with being successful. For these people, achieving success is the primary motive and the aim around which their life revolves. These people would go to any limit to achieve what they want and be called successful in their endeavors.

The question is, what is it about success that makes it such a sweet fruit? What is it about success that it drives people to any limit? Success is synonymous to winning. Success gives a person the taste of victory and everyone likes to win. People who are obsessed with success are people who are essentially obsessed with winning and the good things that come along with it. The question that arises is- Is it good to be obsessed with being successful?

Being obsessed with anything is not good at all for when you are obsessed, it only means that you are willing to go to any limits and cross any boundaries when it comes to achieving success. There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with success only if you have enough control over your senses to be able to discern what is wrong and what is right. If your penchant for success, drives you to do something wrong, it is absolutely wrong to be obsessed with success and it is the time when you should take your steps back and start moving in a retrogressive direction where you have full control over your mental faculties.
However, if you are someone who is moved in the right direction by the obsession, than it is not wrong with being obsessed with being successful. There are some people, who even with the entire obsession can keep a track of their mind, thoughts and the way towards which they are going. These people do not allow their obsession to grow into something dangerous. Instead, they turn it into passion and are driven by it. 
When a person is obsessed with something not only does he make himself vulnerable to indulging in the wrong things, they also put their personal health on a risk. People who are obsessed with being successful often work for long delirious hours and do not take the proper amount of rest. These people are called workaholics. Such people are more likely to succeed in life. However, the problem with them is that they work so hard they often put themselves on the risk of falling ill or losing good health. Thus, they might succeed in a particular venture; unfortunately, they lose out in the long run because they lose out on one of the most important things- health and personal well-being. 
One of the problems with being obsessed with being successful arises when a person has the face the repercussions of losing. When a person gives their all to something and it does not turn out the way they supposed it to be, the person often loses their heart and are sometimes unable to cope up with the failure. The problem arises with people who are unable to deal with adverse results and are affected by it. If you are someone who in order to be successful give their best shot but are not affected by the outcome, being obsessed with achieving success is not a problem. However, if you are unable to take adverse, contrary or unexpected results, it is best that you put your obsession with winning or succeeding on a hold. 
The obsession with being successful is a boon for some and bane for others. It depends on the kind of person that you are. If you are someone who is able to turn your obsession into a passion and are able to remain unaffected by the outcome of your efforts, your obsession with success would only encourage you to give your best shot at everything. However, if you are someone who are unable to control their obsession with success and make it the purpose of your life, neglecting everything else including your personal health, morals etc. and are unable to cope up if the outcome is not like what you apprehended, it is best that you mellow down your obsession with success and emphasize more on controlling your urges.  It will pay off in the long run. 
Obsession with success is something that can be controlled with conscious efforts. Obsession with anything is not wrong until and unless you are able to control when the obsession starts to get into extremes.
It is only when the obsession becomes extreme and difficult to handle, does it becomes wrong. Learn to turn your obsession into a passion and you will achieve more than you ever thought you could. 
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