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Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs
Extempore Speech has also become a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA selection processes. 

We at MBARendezvous.com have started series of articles on "Extempore Speech" which will certainly help you to clear MBA admission selection   

This article on "Zodiac Signs” will boost your confidence to be successful in Extempore Speech: 

The word has been derived from the Latin word “Zodiacus” which means “a circle of animals”. The term was so given because more than half of the Zodiac signs are represented by animals. The path of the sun over the celestial circle over the year has been divided into twelve parts, each of 30 degrees, named as Zodiac signs. Not just the sun but the path of the moon and the other planets is also recorded and analyzed. The practice of reading zodiac signs has been in practice ever since the time of Romans. The practice has been passed from generation to generation. However, a very big question that arises every now and then is- Are Zodiac Signs true or is it just a fad to grab money out of people or comfort them with the lies.  

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The zodiac signs and the astrology (the study of zodiac signs) is a study which connects the astrological or celestial events to the events occurring in the life of a person. The astrology is a part of so many different cultures in the world. The Chinese, the Indians, the Mayans all believed that the life of people on Earth is in some ways determined by the happenings of the extra terrestrial space. However, on further thought, the relevant question is not whether or not the astrology has been a part of the traditions of the world; the pertinent question is whether or not the astrology is to be believed?
Can the position of sun with respect to the Earth over the years is capable of determining your fate – your past, present or future? Can the position of stars play a relevant role in determining what can happen to you in the next few days of your life? Can anything that is remotely not even connected to you be pivotal enough in determining the result of the major actions of your life? The answer is yes, it may be the determining factor or it may not e so. 
There are so many people that astrology is nothing but a fad. These people believe in actions and the outcome of it. They believe that your past, present and future is determined by the person that you are and the way you work. The sun, the stars, the Earth and the other planets do play any role in determining the fate of our actions or the course of our lives. These people believe that astrology is just a way of taking money off from people who are sad, depressed or looking for any form of comfort. According to them, astrology is an art where a person tells you something that you do actually wish to listen and then, you give them money for complying with your thoughts and passing them as words. 
However, there are so many other people who do believe in Zodiac signs. The best way to find out about the truth of zodiac is to look into the traits of the 12 different zodiac signs. Based on the study of zodiac, all kind of people in the world are divided into the twelve zodiac signs. Based on the study of astrology and the relative position of the sun and other planets at the time of your birth, every person is assigned a unique zodiac sign. All people belonging to a particular zodiac sign and born during the same particular period of time, will have some same characters. 
All people born in May are the kind of people who get easily angered. However, these people are also extremely honest and creative. Similarly, people born in September are cool and calm and know how to deal patiently with even the toughest of the situations. These people are also faithful, loyal and helpful. People born in February love peace and would do anything to keep it alive. However, these people are also quite dominating and love to dream and aim high in life. People born in November are highly determined and give everything to achieve anything that they want to achieve. However, at times, these people can also be jealous and secretive.  People born in December are considered to have a very good sense of humor and are known to be vibrant. However, these people are also known to be quite selfish at times. 
Thus, we see that people belonging to different months will have something characters in common. Why is this so? Why do some people, born during a particular period have the same characters? Why is it that the basic nature of all these people collides somewhere or the other? The answer is simple because the truth is that astrology and the relative position of the sun, moon, Earth and other planets at the time of our birth determines the way we behave, act or react to things. It also affects the events that happen in our life. 
There are people who will never believe in the existence of astrology or anything close or pertinent. However, the truth is that if you look around and notice certain simple things, you will realize that the zodiac is true and the study of zodiac is not a fad but another truth. Some cultures and at some places, it might have become a way of earning money but earlier on it was an exact method of predicting the life of a person based on the Hellenistic astronomy. 
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