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FORE School of Management: Converting Dreams into Reality

FORE School of Management (FSM), New Delhi is amongst the leading B-schools of the country. Situated in the capital city of New Delhi, its zest towards providing exceptional education to the young leaders of tomorrow has shown outstanding results over the years. By creating a space to think freely and enabling the students to understand the changing nature of the business world through academic and practical experiences, FSM aims to create a better world for the tomorrow’s generation.

It is this vision to share knowledge and encourage leadership that forms the very soul of a remarkable institution.

Emphasis on character development

Started in 1992, FSM has been at the forefront of business education for the last 27 years. It comprises of a strong 5000+ alumni who have gone ahead to succeed in various fields of business across the globe. Studying at FSM has never been just about academics. Emphasis given to character development, with attention on overall growth separates FSM from other similar institutions. Students are encouraged to indulge in activities that offer distinct prospects of learning from various facets of life; be it organising a Fresher’s event, participating in the student council, or becoming a member of the many on-campus clubs.

Constant revision and updation of the curriculum

For the many hopefuls who enter the gates of FSM, it is the task and duty of the faculty and management to create an environment that is welcoming and ambitious about learning. One of the significant issues faced by business schools in India is the lack of a revised curriculum. Students are often taught the same course over the years churning out cookie-cutter graduates, leading to a lowering of the employment rate. At FSM there is a constant focus on revising and updating the curriculum, inspiring individuals into giving their best and forming a mutual relationship between the faculty and student body leading to the study of enriching business practices.

Seasoned and expert faculty

In addition to the curriculum, the faculty at FSM is always in the know-how of foremost business trends, building their knowledge base through conferences, seminars, research papers, and PhDs. The faculty background already has an abundance of industry and academic information. Along with guest speakers and visiting faculty, students have at their disposal a wealth of skill sets to guide them in the right direction.

Equal importance to different disciplines

One of the main goals of FSM is to give equal importance to the various fields of business. Through the courses of its PGDM programmes, the institution highlights interests that cover everything from marketing and finance to information technology, human resources, and strategy management. This enables the students to receive a holistic education from where they are free to dive deeper into the areas of their particular interest.

Student exchange programs

Student exchange programs with international schools is an essential aspect of learning the ins and outs of business from a global perspective. In addition to this, it brings about a unique set of familiarity associated with living in a foreign country. Keeping this in mind, FSM has continuously expanded upon its alliances with foreign institutions, building an extensive network across the globe. Students are free to spend a semester or more at top universities in USA, France, Singapore, Sweden, and Vietnam to partake in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

FSM also has academic partnerships with universities that allows for a constant exchange of ideas and research. As a result, students are privy to the latest developments taking place in different parts of the world and can interact and utilise this knowledge to stay with the current times.

Conducive environment for budding entrepreneurs

An encouraging trend over the last decade has been the increase in entrepreneurial ventures by business students across India. No longer a question of grabbing that high-paying job, the new generation is eager to start their own businesses and explore new ideas. FSM provides its students with training that prepares them to take a big step into the business world from the get-go. Whether through its robust alumni network or the on-campus facilities, students are stimulated to invest in concepts and designs which can then carve a new path to success for them.

Great industry exposure and opportunities

There is also a continuous involvement with industry leaders who come on campus for recruitment and internship placements. FSM helps open doors to prominent jobs in leading companies, shining a spotlight on its students and their achievements. The latest statistics across Indian business schools show that there is an increase of 15% in salaries offered to graduates in 2018. An important first step, the process of recruitment at FMS benefits both the companies visiting the school as well as the students who dream of starting their professional career with that perfect job.

The FORE School of Management’s location in a quaint part of South Delhi, surrounded by cultural and historical sites, adds to its charm. There is a friendly atmosphere both on and off the campus making learning fun, as well as, supporting social interaction that leads to a lifetime of friendships.

FSM offers its students with the ideal place to embark on a journey that will form the basis of their professional life. With a little bit of passion, much guidance, and omnipresent enthusiasm, students can now to be a part of FSM’s vision and watch their dreams transform into reality.

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