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FORE School of Management Courses – Prominent Features

FORE School of Management, Delhi was established close to four decades ago; with the mission to achieve and sustain leadership in management education, research, consultancy and development. It offers three types of courses:

Post Graduate Programme in Diploma Full-Time Two-Year
Fellow Program in Management Full-Time
  • Minimum: Two Years
  • Maximum: Four Years
Executive PGDM Full-Time 15-Months

Specific to the two-year full-time PGDM programmes, they are designed to develop a complete understanding of the industry requirements and expectations. The three programs are:

  • 1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • 2. Post Graduate Diploma in Management – International Business (PGDM – IB)
  • 3. Post Graduate Diploma – Financial Management (PGDM – FM)

Read on find out more about their prominent features.

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Approvals & Accreditations:

PGDM and PGDM (IB) are NBA accredited.

PGDM, PGDM (IB) and PGDM (FM) are approved by AICTE.

PGDM degree is accorded equivalence with MBA degree by the Association of Indian Universities.

Basic Goals

Understanding the autonomous nature of organizational dynamics and its managerial inferences.

Acquire and build conceptual understanding and analytical abilities

Help shape up decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

Build a deeper understanding of the economy from an Indian and global perspective.

Comprises of independent study, exchange programmes, and mandatory International Immersion Programme (IIP).

Course Structure and Credits

There are six terms.

The complete course requires 103.5 credits .

a.  97.5 credits from classroom teaching which includes 1.5 credit earned with one-week International Immersion Program in Term 6.

b.  6.0 credits from summer internship.

Each of the program offers dual specialization.


The programs are delivered using an interesting mix of activities, tools and techniques within and outside the classroom.

The classroom contact hours comprise of lectures, classroom discussions, case studies, simulations, role-plays, group discussions, management games, and management films.

The industry academia gap is bridged by organizing guest lectures by industry and trade professionals.

The external exposure involves sensitivity training, industrial visits, and industry interaction.


There are a wide-range of electives offered which begin from Term 3.

43.5 credits must be earned across Term 3,4, 5 and 6.

Electives courses are offered in nine sentient areas:

  • Communication
  • Economics & Business Policy
  • Finance & Accounting
  • International Business
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources
  • Quantitative Techniques & Operations
  • Strategy

There are certain electives which are marked as Specialization Area Pre-requisite (SAPR) courses. These must be taken by the students who have chosen that specific to Area to Specialize in.



a. Specialize in at most two sentient areas.


a. Specialize in at most two areas one of which must be International Business.

b. Option to take one foreign language course – Spanish, Mandarin, or French.


a. Specialize in at most two areas one of which must be Finance.

Curriculum is significant aspect one looks for while choosing a college. FORE School of Management promises a continuously evolving curriculum delivered by a faculty which is mix of seasoned academicians and industry experts.

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