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Being Informative Doesn't mean becoming Knowledgeable.

Being Informative Doesn't mean becoming Knowledgeable

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.

When one says information, they simply mean data and facts that are being collected in order to describe a situation. But, knowledge prescribes the way these data and facts should be used. With the use of knowledge, a person can deduce the facts and data and put them to use. Without knowledge, the data and facts hold no meaning.
Our defence system is the best example where one can actually differentiate information from knowledge. While at every instance of defence, there is predictable data and facts present giving them information, no junior defence personnel can enact on the basis of this information. 
Why is that so? Well, the reason is simple; there is no knowledge of what happens when a particular instance is carried out. The lack of knowledge can lead to wrong decisions and, thus problems in the nation.
This is the reason why majors and higher ranked personnel are chosen for the roles of strategic planners in defence. Similarly, in an ordinary corporate scenario one would find that the decision makers are basically experienced people who possess a lot of knowledge. 
With the use of the knowledge they possess, they can come to better decisions with the facts and data. The tools called information prove to be baseless without the room of information. 
It is not only the case of corporate or defence. In every facet of life, it is said that information is just the tool while knowledge is the basis for every decision. Without knowledge, information is basically useless. 
So, when a person says he is informed, he is surely updated with the present facts and data. But, unless he knows how to use these facts or, what to deduce using these facts, the information is baseless. He is not knowledgeable even with lots of information. 
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