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GD Topic: China is posing a threat to India.

China is posing a threat to India.

Post MBA exam results, Group Discussion will be crucial for MBA admission so it is advised to read and practice with variety of topics. In following GD topic, you will be getting some points with divergent views which you can pick up and develop.  Today, you will read GD topic: 

China is posing a threat to India

A look at the history of politics and, one would see disturbed relations between India and China. Since, the war of 1962 China has always been a source of tension for India. India has always tried to build healthy relations with China.

Despite a disturbed past, China and India have healthy economic and mutual beneficial relations. The trade and business activities across the border are necessary for the economic growth of both countries. 

But, the growth rate of both countries are complete different. Where India stands today, China stood around five years back. China, in spite of being the country with the largest population, is one of the fastest growing economies. 

It is the second largest exported in the world and, the third largest importer in the world. Businesses in China are all class driven and, you would find that Chinese are in demand everywhere in the world.

Definitely, China is a potential threat to India given the kind of economy and nuclear weapons it possesses. The nuclear state title that China has received because of the powerful weapons under its possession has made China a super power.

At present, India possesses a chaotic government that has lost the ability to deal with the internal matters. They are more worried about the superficial matters that would not help India develop in any manner. Even with their full power of weapons and, a good standing army, China possesses a danger to our borders.

Otherwise a very non-violent country, India has recently posted close to 60000 troops along the Chinese border. Chinese have recently developed an interest to the eastern part of India, especially Arunachal border. India does not wish to repeat the 1962 moment where the reason was the much disputed Himalayan border. So, in order to protect its borders from Chinese invasions, India has taken steps beforehand. 

China is an emerging superpower whose bureaucrats are busy thinking of ways to grow and prosper. At such times, it is possible that they might want to invade and conquer.

Recent intrusion and then retreat by China from Indian Territory is glaring examples.  Given these facts, China is a possible threat to India.