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Have we made a mockery of democracy?

Have we made a mockery of democracy?
Now the moment results for CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, CMAT, MAT and NMAT are out, you will be invited for GD and it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics. 
Read and develop points for discussion on GD Burning topic: Have we made a mockery of democracy?
Democracy may be a familiar word to many but it is a concept that has been misused greatly by the Indian government. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. 
Looking at the Indian political scene today, it is obvious that the concept of democracy has been misunderstood. In India, politicians try to win the trust and votes of the public by making big promises, which at a later stage, cannot be fulfilled by the government. In India, politicians make use of the people’s votes to increase their political power and make more money. So, in other words, democracy in India has become a government “of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians”. 
The establishment of a Janta Darbar by Arvind Kejriwal shows that politicians in India are unaware of the pillars of democracy. In a democratic nation, politicians are not supposed to announce a limited time period to listen to the grievances of the public. Channels should be open all the time and made accessible to the public all year around. 
The concept of a Janta Darbar is present in autocratic nations, where the king has the highest power and takes time to listen to people’s woes. Arvind Kejriwal’s self-styled functionaries have not only shaken the foundation on which a democratic nation is built but they have also infuriated the public because they have come to a realization that Indian politicians are following autocratic rules in the name of democracy.
However, not all Indian politicians misuse or misunderstand the concept of democracy. There are politicians who are concerned about the welfare of the public and help in uplifting the society. In June 2013, amidst the Uttarakhand floods, Narendra Modi sent airplanes, SUVs and luxury buses to rescue 15,000 Gujarati victims. 
This is an example of democracy where the government works for the people and carries out tasks for the welfare of its citizens. In addition, Narendra Modi is known not only in India but throughout the world for his commitment to improving the lives of the citizens. 
Narendra Modi understood the woes of Gujaratis, one of them being frequent power outages. So, Narendra Modi worked hard to electrify 18,000 villages in Gujarat and today, Gujarat is the only state in India with a near 24/7 power supply. In addition, to enhance the economic growth of the state, he cut red tape to attract companies such as Ford, Suzuki and Tata Motors. 
So, not all leaders in India make a mockery of democracy – there are politicians who put their welfare before the welfare of the citizens but there are those like Narendra Modi who do everything for the welfare of the people.
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