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Indian opposition parties ensure to oppose only.

Parties ensure to oppose only
Post MBA exam results, Group Discussion will be crucial for MBA admission so it is advised to read and practice with variety of topics. In following GD topic you will be getting some points with divergent views which you can pick up and develop.  Today, you will read GD topic:  
"Indian opposition parties ensure to oppose only"
Is it true that opposition parties serve one purpose only – to oppose the ruling government? In India, it is true that opposition parties oppose the current government most of the time. Instead of providing solutions to problems that the country is facing, they criticize the policies and decisions of the ruling government. Few weeks back, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Trinamool Congress criticized the Union Budget put forth by P Chidambaram. 
It is true that there are several problems with the Union Budget. However, it was not fair of the Trinamool Congress to say that the Union Budget has no direction at all. According to the BJP, the budget is far from the economic and social realities of the society. Instead of rejecting the Union Budget completely, opposition parties can provide positive criticism and point out areas that need further refinement. This way, they will be able to win the trust of the public and do something for the country. 
Indian opposition parties are like wild dogs, ready to tear apart any individual. Opposing parties should not forget that their role is to serve the public. So, instead of finding faults with other parties or with entities, political leaders should look into enhancing the lifestyle of the citizens. Opposition is not a negative element; in fact, it helps the ruling party to weigh the pros and cons of a policy. 
Sometimes, opposition parties help to provide a different viewpoint, which could be helpful in running the country. This is in line with what Lewis Mumford, an American historian, sociologist and philosopher, once said, “A certain amount of opposition is a great help to a man. Kites rise against, not with the wind”. 
According to the Indian constitution, opposition parties have several responsibilities. They are required to oppose despotic behavior of the ruling party, if any, enlighten the public on current and future policies, expose misdeeds of the ruling party and provide positive criticism to drawbacks in the administration. Sadly, we do not see any of the aforementioned activities being carried out by our opposition parties. 
Political leaders in India are only concerned about their welfare and they always find the easy way out. Since providing solutions is difficult, opposition parties criticize every move of the ruling party, since it is easier to find faults than provide positive feedback.
It is sad that politicians of the world’s largest democracy are not concerned about the welfare of their citizens. In order to retain the label of a healthy democracy, opposition parties in India would have to change their working styles and be more responsible for the growth of the nation.