The Maoist problem since the country's independence.

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"Lack of political will" is keeping the Maoist problem alive
The Maoist problem in India has been present ever since the country gained independence. In January 2013, seven Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed while fighting with Maoist guerrillas in Jharkhand. This shows that the government is not prepared to handle challenges and that official reports on the assessment of the growing Maoist threat is inconsistent with the political will in tackling Maoist forces.
Operation Green Hunt, which began in 2009, has proved to be ineffective in eradicating the Maoist problem. Although Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Chidambaram claim that Maoists are the biggest security threat to the nation and have promised to take severe actions in dealing with the issue, the victory of the government is not evident yet. The development of issues related to Maoists proves that there is a lack of political will that is keeping the Maoist problem alive in India today. Past events show that Maoists are gaining power and the government is losing its standing in the society.
The government does not have effective anti-Maoist campaigns in the pipeline that can reduce the power of Maoists. Till date, we have not heard our politicians talking about the Maoist problem in detail or providing assurance to the citizens that are working hard to eliminate Maoist-related atrocities in the country. Police officers deployed in Maoist strongholds are not well-trained and motivated to fight against the Maoists. Apart from having proper military forces in place, the government needs to come up with effective social development and poverty alleviation programs to end the Maoist problem in India.
It is unfair to say that the government is not doing anything to solve the Maoist problem in India. The government has strategies in place to fight against the Maoists, but they are not effective. In the last few years, we have witnessed the victory of Maoists over the government. This shows that the government needs to change its game plan to defeat the Maoists. Currently, there is a lack of political will to end the Maoist problem in India. Only when the Maoist problem becomes the top priority of the government can there be progress in the country.