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We can't tolerate standing in queues but can littering on road.

Group Discussion

Post MBA exam results, Group Discussion will be crucial for MBA admission so it is advised to read and practice with variety of topics. In following GD topic, you will be getting some points with divergent views which you can pick up and develop.  Today, you will read GD topic: 

We can’t tolerate standing in queues but we can tolerate littering on road 
India is a queer nation and Indians make a queer set of people. The fact is that some of the characters of the Indian people might even be considered as odd.
For instance, in India it is completely acceptable for people to litter the roads with all kinds of wastes. If one stands on a road side and notices the first ten people walking towards them, they will realize that the five out of ten people throw some or the other kind of waste on the roads.
Some people spit on roads, some throws the papers while some other even pee on road sides. It would not be wrong to say that when it comes to protecting the environment around us, the Indians have great lessons to live.
Not many Indians object to littering on roads. However, there are many Indians who constantly complain of long queues and being compelled to stand in them for long hours. 
Beyond doubt, the queues in India are quite long. However, one needs to understand that in a nation harboring the second biggest population in the world, long queues are inevitable. Also, any kind of work - be it in public offices or in McDonalds is done in an orderly way. The queues help to maintain that order. 
Without the queues, almost any place would be a fish market with everybody jumping on the tables of the authority in charge. So, it might take some time to wait for your turn in a queue but the truth is that without the queue, it will take even longer to get your work done.
We Indians need to stop and reflect on the way we live and work. There are many things that we need to realize. If it is wrong to kiss in public, it is equally wrong to pee in public.
If it is wrong for the Americans to call us brown skinned, it is equally wrong for us to call people from North- Eastern states with names such as “Nepali” and “Chinki”. And though there is nothing wrong with standing in queues, there is everything wrong with littering on roads.