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Who is performing better- India or Indians?

Who is performing better- India or Indians?

Group Discussion still remains major tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication,personality,leadership qualities so it is very important and crucial component of MBA selection processes. 

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This article as study material on topic " Who is performing better- India or Indians? ” will boost your confidence to be successful in Group discussion:
India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. The kind of progress that the country has achieved in the last two decades is phenomenal. In every front, whether it is technological or developmental, India has proved itself as a nation capable of being amongst the world leaders. Over the last few years, where India has proved to be a worthy nation, Indians have proved to be successful in almost all fields of life. Indians are making their mark everywhere in the world. It is not only in India that Indians are proving themselves to be efficient in their work but across seas and borders, Indians are making their marks in foreign lands. Today, the Indians hold some of the most coveted positions in the world. In such a case, the question that often leads to a debate is – Who is performing better, India or Indians? 
It would be most correct if we say that both India as well as the Indians is making progress. The country has a long way since it got its independence. Similarly, the Indians have come long way too. Thus, both India as well as Indians is prospering. However, to say that success of all Indian eventually leads to the success of India would be wrong. When Indians make progress, it adds to the progress of the country but not necessarily. This is because of a trend that has been prevalent in the world over last so many decades and has become especially prominent – Brain Drains. 
Migration has become a common thing these days. Many Indians have already migrated to other countries. Apart from this, every year thousands of Indian students travel abroad in search of better education and living conditions. These students often find jobs there and settle in the same countries. In the process, India loses a major section of its man power and human resource to foreign countries each year. There are so many Indians who still hold the Indian citizenship but do not live in India. These people do not contribute to the progress of the nation. 
However, as Indians, they have progressed individually. There are so many examples of such Indians: Russell Peters (famous Comedian of Indian origin), Anish Kapoor (architect), Ashish Patel and Joseph Harris (cricketers), Ram Murthy and C.R Rao (academicians), Freddie Mercury (lead singer of popular band Queen), Lakshmi Mittal (steel magnate), Firoz Kassam (former owner of Oxford), Monty Panesar (cricketer) etc. This list is non-exhaustive and a hundred thousand names can be added to it. When we talk about these people, it is safe to say that Indians have made progress irrespective of the progress made by the nation. However, when the Indians other than the N.R.Is are considered, their progress is very much connected to the progress of the country in which they live, that is, India. 
The moot topic can find an answer only in one statement- Indians have made progress because the India has progressed and India has progressed because the Indians have made progress. Thus, the development of the two is completely inter-related. However, to prosper better in the times to come, it is important that India should make efforts to retain its human resource i.e. the Indians. The people of a nation are its biggest resource. If this resource is properly utilized, it can lead to faster development of the country. The most important thing that needs to be done to sustain this development that India has made is retaining the human resource of the country. 
India should make efforts to deal with the problem of brain drain. By allowing its citizens to migrate to other countries, India is letting other countries prosper at its stake. To stop the brain drain, India needs to work on its education system. The education system of India is good but not competent enough and this is precisely the reason why each year, thousands of students take admission in foreign universities and eventually seek employment in those nations. Secondly, India should also create more employment. Many people move out of India in search of jobs and a better life. 
To ensure that the Indians stay in India, the government of the nation should work hard on creating more jobs. Lastly, the country also needs to improve its infrastructure. Many people move out of India because they wish to live in places where the roads are properly built, the traffic is easy, the garbage is disposed off in proper places, the connectivity between areas is easy and more, the standard of living of people is high. Thus, they migrate to foreign countries.
India and Indians have progressed a lot and their progress has been connected on every level. However, the country and its people have a long journey to cover and still many miles to go. 
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