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Why in GD your Interpersonal skills are observed?

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Why in GD your Interpersonal skills are observed?

Post MBA exam results, Group Discussion will be crucial for MBA admission so it is advised to read and practice with variety of topics. In following GD Topic you will be getting some points with divergent views which you can pick up and develop.

Read and develop points for discussion and make sure that you are concluding with conviction.

Today, you will read GD topic:

"Why in GD your Interpersonal skills are observed?"

Interpersonal skills basically refer to the communication skills. How we deal with others and the mode of our communication. But unlike other skills which can be acquired by the medium of training and experience, interpersonal skills are natural and inherent in a person.   

The moment we are born, we all start interacting accordingly, and with the growing year if we gain more experience, our interpersonal skill tends to be refined. People with good interaction skills connect with others easily, because they know when to say what, and this makes the communication pleasing and interesting. Interpersonal skills are natural talent possessed by an individual, not something that can be taught in a school.
When we consider an organization, recruiters will select a person who is blessed with excellent interpersonal skills because of his/her ability to project a positive attitude and seek a smart solution to the problems. But those with poor interpersonal skills will not be considered for the job openings.
Management students need to have an excellent command with the interpersonal skills, right from the time when they crack the competitive exams till the interview, management course and finally the campus placements, they should be proper in such skills. This will provide a stepping stone to their career and interpersonal skills of course acts as a confidence booster, which will be really fruitful for them in the job sector. 
This is all based on human psychology and understanding of human behavior. A positive interpersonal skill makes an individual different from the crowd and the organization in which he/she works for, will have more credibility and productivity. Even during adverse situations, those with good interpersonal skills will react appropriately and control their feelings rather than getting overwhelmed by emotional outburst.  It is all about the way we behave with people and how well we carry ourselves. 
In the business domain, interpersonal skills include leadership, strong reliable networking and team work. The other three skills can be only possible if one succeeds in the interpersonal skills. This goes without saying that, interpersonal skills are a prerequisite not only in professional front but in also in the personal. Effective skills will help the employees to overcome challenges in workplace.  
Yet technical ability and intelligence is not all that one requires, interpersonal skills should not be taken for granted. It is required to communicate, counsel, motivate, negotiate and also to deal amicably with senior employees, subordinates and business delegates.
Seeing the globalization and cut throat competition in the corporate sector, where things are uncertain, interpersonal skills is the need of the hour. Effective communication and emotional intelligence is an inborn talent and cannot be taught. 
Empathy, good conduct, analytical skills, logic, good presentation skills, finding immediate solution to the problems are the excellent intrapersonal qualities.
It becomes easy to infuse more talent and training to a sharp employee, but it becomes all the more difficult rather impossible to train a dull person who have poor interpersonal skills. If communication is required for an individual to be called a human being, good interpersonal skills is the lifeblood for any given company or organization.  
How a person writes, replies to the e mails, telephones, letters, deals with the face to face interview and communicates with people to fix a business deal, all these comes under the category of interpersonal skills. 
Even the management gurus advice that apart from the hard skills, soft skills like good communication, positive personality and good communicative skills are required if you really want to see yourself working in a reputed organizations two to three years down the lane after completing your MBA.
There have been several instances when a person with good technical skills and intelligence feels frustrated due to the fact that his opponent being average in hard skills wins the support of senior bosses and customers. This happens because the former works hard to prove his talent but somewhere he lacks the good interpersonal skills which could have otherwise have pleased his seniors. 
Interpersonal skills refers to the ability of understanding the human mind, thereby building contacts, to effectively and efficiently understand the circumstances, to figure out the solution to the persisting problems, to be a good observer and listener and finally having the capability of convincing people in his team with his solution. 
If hard working was really the top jargon, a donkey would never have been a donkey. In the present competitive scenario being smart is what really matters, good interpersonal skills along with the technical expertise is what makes a person take leaps and bounds in his career. These are the basic social and personal skills so much so that the person need to imbibe these qualities from the beginning as none is going to teach him. 
A little more effort to garner the interpersonal skills will be really fruitful for you in the future; this will be an asset for you. Such is the impact and importance of good interpersonal skills, especially a watchword for the management students and MBA aspirants.

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