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Work from home is a dream Job situation for me!

Work from home
After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion and make sure that you are concluding with conviction:
Work from home is a dream Job situation for me!
For The Motion
• Work from home option gives you an opportunity to earn while at home. The major advantage of joining a firm that gives you an option to work from home is that you can maintain proximity to home and family which is otherwise not possible.
• Flexibility of timing, place and ambience of working place. This option lets you work at timings that you are comfortable in and maintain your surrounding the way you like. For instance you might wish to hear soft music while working which is possible here and not in regular jobs.
• Work from home is best chosen to avoid stressful environment of the office and save you from tiredness of commuting to office daily. It also saves extra costs that you pay in regular jobs like commuting charges, parking, food etc.
• You do not have to get ready in the morning or dress in formals. Work from home is a situation where you can get up stress free, work in casual and start your work.
• Work from home lets you work in a comfortable environment and without distraction of co workers, meetings or seminars and therefore the result is greater productivity and quality work.
• Work from home can also work as side income option for people who are not satisfied with their current salary. 
• A great opportunity for housewives, students, retired officials to earn without having to step out from their homes.
Work from home is a good opportunity as it is situation where you work stress free, in comfortable surroundings and make best use of your talent for earning money. In a situation where family time is hard to find, work from home is a perfect option to bring harmony to professional and personal life. 
Against The Motion
• Work from home creates a situation of isolation. People complain that with their regular job they have a place to meet, interact with co workers and make friend but with work from home option it needs efforts to stay in touch with colleagues to get to know people you are working with.
• It needs high-discipline in oneself, as you can easily get distracted with house hold work or family or guest visiting and postpone your work from time to time as you might put other works at priority.
• You might feel that you are alienated from company developments or being overlooked for promotions as you are not in the office.
• Needs double the self-control, dedication and motivation as you work alone and not in competitive environment.
Work from home is not easy as it sounds. The employers who are dedicated and motivated to keep work as their priority even when at home are the only ones who can reap benefits of working from home and not everyone.
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