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Post MBA Entrance Examinations, candidates who are invited for GD by an Institute will have to gain weightage for GD before they proceed for PI. GD is a simple soft skill test to test your oral communication skills and positivity of your body language.

Most of the MBA Institutes are conducting GD and post entrance examinations if you are getting in cut off list of an institute, you will be undergoing GD Process and in this regard students face herculean task to crack GD.

On the face of it GD looks very easy but you would be positively tested for your soft skills in area of verbal communication, gestured, body language, interpersonal skills and your domain knowledge.

GD is very crucial as the weightage in GD matters a lot and it has been observed that it is your performance in GD which creates a platform for your final step of PI in MBA Selection Process.

Most of the time GD Topic is very general in nature and it can be from the domain of sports, socioeconomic issues and for that matter the candidate who is well versed with the current affairs and who is also observant for the happenings around him/her both in India and globally, will be able to take up GD Topic in a most positive manner. It is the conclusion part in GD which can really get you the required weightage and for that matter, it is very essential for the candidate to remain focused on the assigned GD Topic and interact with the co GD participants so that others can discuss your point of view. If that happens that establishes your Leadership qualities. This is what is required and expected from a candidate like you in GD.

Candidates are advised to read editorials of leading newspapers along with one Business paper and listen to news analysis review on All India Radio at 9 PM every day. This will gain you immense confidence and positive body language to take part in GD.

Team MBA Rendezvous has provided you numerous GD topics for your practice. Read them as follows and develop your point of Discussion.

Top 238 GD Topic For 2019

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