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After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.

Read and develop points for discussion for GD TopicStone pelting is a stumbling block to the pride of Indian Arm

The Indian Army is not only known for its valour in the battlefield but also its deft handling of conflicts happening within the country. Besides proving its mettle in war with other countries, it is continuously involved in maintain peace within the country as well. The Indian Army maintains a humane side to it in its operations, especially within the borders where Indian citizens are involved. Kashmir is the perfect example that highlights the tolerance, the patience of the Indian Army, as it bravely faces not guns or missiles but stones from misguided youth and still retains its calm.

Testing patience of the Army

The country with perhaps the second largest Army in the world maintains a very responsible equation with the Army, which is respected by the Army as well. The Indian Army has never transgressed the limits it has imposed on itself. With the weapons and power at its disposal, the Army can shut any act of violence that goes against the interest of the country and threatens human life. And yet, in Kashmir, it endures a hostile climate on a daily basis and maintains patience in handling the protesters. The delicate situation of Kashmir, where some part of the youth is misguided by some political factions for their vested interests, presents a tough situation for the Army, as they measure restrain with deterrent action. 

Army faces the ire

The Army is not the creator of problems. It is called in by the political leadership of the country, when all other measures to achieve peace have been exhausted and before the situation goes out of control. In these difficult, hostile circumstances, the Army is face to face with unknown faces, a herd of aggressive people, angry with the political dispensation for some reason or the other. The Army does the unenviable task of containing them, facing their hostilities, and diffusing the tension.

The question of stone pelting

Stone pelters pose a grave challenge to the Army. A herd of people throwing stones from a distance, hiding their faces and identity and then, quickly disappearing throws up difficult challenges for the Army, especially when their hands are tied down by lack of political will. The Army is more than capable of dealing with the stone pelters, provided they are given a free hand to do so. It is to the credit of the Army that they do not retaliate strongly but take action only with the intention of diffusing the crowd.

The other side

Stone pelting has developed as a form of protest, as a form of resistance, especially in the Kashmir valley. Stone pelters use it as a ploy to grab headlines worldwide and exert pressure on the Indian polity to resolve their issues. The politicians, on the other hand, use it for their own political gains. This leaves the Army to battle it out all alone and tread very carefully. This is because if they take any strong action, human rights group and sections of the media will be quick to criticise them, and if the go too lenient, the situation will turn violent.

Though stone pelting is a challenge to the Indian Army, it is doing a commendable job in handling the situation deftly.

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