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Published : Thursday, 09 April, 2015 11:30 AM

After having cleared cutoff scores at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.

Read and develop points for discussion and make sure that you are concluding with conviction.

Read GD Topic:
The secret of true greatness is simplicity
Number of members= 7

Time duration= 30 minutes

A – Simple living and high thinking are the two pillars upon which man’s greatness is founded. If the foundation is strong and unshakeable, success will follow for sure. Leading an artificial and superficial existence merely leads one to build castles in the air, which have no foundation in reality and are one day, surely destined to be reduced to rubble by the hard truths that one will eventually have to grapple with.

B – A simple, austere existence keeps one grounded, down-to-earth and practical. One is able to view life in all its varied hues – dark as well as lighter ones. It is then possible that one can think great thoughts and give wings to one’s innovative ideas. Being engulfed in life’s illusory trappings and materialism, takes us away from our inherent humanity. We begin regarding others around us with disdain and hatred. We overlook their good nature and character, and instead begin finding faults in them.

C – Simplicity exerts a humbling influence on a person and the way he leads his life. It makes one notice small, supposedly inconsequential and insignificant acts of his which might affect those around him in significant ways. He begins to mind even the tiniest of his actions, the words he utters and the way he conducts himself. This is how simplicity thrusts greatness upon him.

D – One might inhabit a luxurious mansion, drive the best vehicle, own all the latest gadgets available, dine at the finest restaurants, travel to the most exotic destinations, yet, one can be simple, if one does not let all that get to one’s head. In such a scenario, these material objects are all futile – God will not ask how many houses or cars did one own in one’s lifetime, God will only ask how many people were given shelter or how many stranded travellers were given a ride to their destination when they were in dire need of help and support.

E – The living world has been structured and built in a simple way. Thus, simplicity is an inherent part of God’s design and craft. Simple food and a simple lifestyle ensure that human beings enjoy a healthy number of years, simple thinking gives rise to creative thoughts and dreams, simple words express the most complex emotions with profound depth and meaning and simple acts of kindness such as a helping hand, an empathising gesture, a sympathetic ear to listen to someone’s tribulations, are what lend purpose to our existence on this planet.

F – If one is simple, one possesses the power to discard all pessimism, deceit, treachery and greed from one’s life and character. One will then become a holistic, well-rounded human being who loves to associate with fellow human beings and is loved in return, who gives freely of himself to others and receives others’ kindness and support just as freely. It is what makes life positive, forward-looking and progressive. All kinds of false notions are then discarded, and there emerges the true inner being, a light shining through one’s very soul and spirit.

G – Simplicity makes one’s conscience pure and untainted. It rejects all sorts of selfish and fraudulent actions and only embraces what is genuine and spontaneous. This ensures that one sees all fellow beings as existing on the same platform, without any discrimination based on caste, class, gender, creed, religion or colour. This is what leads to true spirituality and self-peace.


A simple life is a great life, in the true sense of the word. Simplicity is inspiring and encouraging, it the fountainhead of joy, satisfaction and contentment. It endows meaning upon human beings’ existence.
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