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After having cleared cutoff scores at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion and make sure that you are concluding with conviction:
“You are what you think”
 For The Motion
• Attitude plays a great role in determining your goal, career and growth. However, there is always a thin line on whether you are confident or over confident and that is what the concept is you are what you think 
• Positive or negative thinking, taking risks, expressing gratitude or even complementing are our choice. If we have the control on how we react, we can then easily accomplish our goals and dreams in life
• People who think positively can eliminate the fear and doubt from their mind and focus all their thoughts that would give them positive and successful actions.
• Positive attitude always ensures the growth in life and helps in achieving the success. For people who carry such attitude have no such words like  impossible, ‘cant’, ‘afraid to’, are name a few in their dictionary.
• You are, what you think is one such attitude where individual if knows the only limitations in life are then can easily nourish within own minds
• It is the state of mind that makes the people successful. Self-confidence, positive thoughts and believing attitude creates greater potential.
 Positive attitude in the behavior can certainly help the individual to grow in their career and achieve the future goals. It is extremely important to believe in self and thus step on the pathway to success. The difference between the limitations in life and over confidence if understood would certainly lead to goals accomplishments. One should also understand that success never comes with only confidence. The hard work and strong determination equally plays an important role.
Against The Motion
• If an individual become overconfident in life, then success would change its oath to another individual
• Simply having a faith in self will not give success. The individual must understand how to achieve the success, realize its own abilities, otherwise, this overconfidence can ruin the efforts
• The negative feels and words or action during achieving certain future goal can run the entire efforts that has been put by you.
• Underestimating other efforts and simply think you are what you think is nothing but a unnecessary price which should always be kept in control
• If there is no initiative made, or self-discipline and strength and energy that are being utilized, it would result to nothing but simply a more difficult track for you to achieve success.
• Overconfidence could lead to more discouragement and your sell confidence level will also fall down.
There is a thin line between Overconfidence and self-confidence, if you switch out to Overconfidence, it would ruin up your entire work and efforts which you have put to accomplish the goal. Overconfidence can be detrimental and it may create an environment of being condescending and not so willing to collaborate or discuss different option breakdown in talks or agree with people at certain point. This would affect the social life as well. Overconfident people are more prone to miss out on potential opportunities that could have been beneficial to your business.
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