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INS Vikramaditya is a symbol of Super Power

INS Vikramaditya is a symbol of Super Power
MBA Aspirants are expected to have a minimum sensitization on current affairs. Certain issues may not be directly related with daily routine but they might impact country’s overall growth. 
This general awareness article on ‘INS Vikramaditya is a symbol of Super Power’ will help you to understand India’s perceived deterrent Power.
With the INS Vikramaditya added to the robust Naval Forces of the country, India has gradually leaped on the road to a formidable super power. India has always focused on their defense and the best defense has always been considered an offence. So, the stronger are the technological equipment used for military purpose the better defense the country can have. That is why the deal that had been delayed in the year 2010 has finally shown positive results by the addition of this behemoth artillery naval ship to the Indian naval Forces. 
INS Vikramaditya was once known as Admiral Gorshkov by the Russian forces but due to economic imbalances in their country, the ship could not be further funded for. But after years of delaying in the deal, the ship’s total authorization has now been bought by India for their navy. Its addition has been praised by many leaders of our nation including Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi who tweeted about how this new addition to our horde can be a crucial benefit. 
So, how are these ships called as great assets to our navy? How can one say this to be a symbol of Super Power? Some facts and figures about this ship will surely clear your doubt. 
  • The ship is said to cost around 2.93$ billion which in itself shows its worth in the navy. 
  • The ship comprises of modified Kieve class Aircraft carrier technology which is quite impressive.
  • Commissioned again in November 2013 with latest technology for Indian navy
  • It is capable of generating 18 MW of power through its 6 turbo and 6 diesel alternators.
  • Capable of generating 180,000 HP with the aid of turbo pressurized boilers and steam turbines. 
  • This 45,500 tons machine is able to travel at 30 knots which is about 56 km/h. 
  • The ship is able to carry 30 MIG-29K jet fighters and 6 Kamov Helicopters easily.
Besides all the above features the ship comprises of state of the art technology in terms of its air guided systems and weaponries. With such a possession that not only stores quantity but also lies emphasis on quality there is certainly an evolution in the Indian naval tactics and strategies to keep its defenses strong. Proper drills and trainings are held so that the crew in charge of this ship can be properly guided to handle it.  
With INS Vikramaditya India has never felt so proud of this addition, though its operations are still scheduled for 2016 as the necessary changes are being made to this huge machine. Even new and more efficient missile systems are also being installed in it so that these ships are fully capable of defending the nations from sea and ocean attacks. With INS Vikramaditya not only the seas but air defense will also become stronger for the nation. 
Certainly, the ship is considered a symbol of super power because of the brawny look these ships display. With such a ship being operational India will add new milestones to its naval accomplishments. 
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