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General Awareness Topic: LIMCA-The Brand Story

LIMCA-The Brand Story
Established Brands have been motivating consumers emotionally thus brands have become almost personified. MBA aspirants are expected to know the success story of brands. 
This success story on ‘Limca ’ will help you to understand the ups and downs and the survival  in competitive market.
Read:  LIMCA …  The Brand Story
Limca is a popular soft drink available in refreshing lemon and lime flavor. It is carbonated drink made majorly in India and few parts of the U.S. The soft drink is manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company and was launched in 1977 under the name Limca. Limca has been pleasing the customers with its refreshing flavor and holds a strong position in lemon-drink segment. Limca is available in glass bottles, tin cans and plastic bottles. 
The drink is majorly sold in glass bottles as plastic and tin cans increases market price.  However, the glass bottles are resent to the manufacturers where they are properly washed and reused. Limca has an image of a lemon flavored soft-drink that revives your energy in hot summers. 
Limca is sold in various sizes and the price varies accordingly. 
• 200ml to 300ml glass bottle costs Rs.8 and Rs.11 respectively.
• 330ml cans will cost you Rs.18
•  Plastic bottle of 600ml costs Rs.30
•  Family Pack of 1.5ltr costs Rs.45
• Part Pack of 2ltr is available at Rs.55
• Limca is also available in soda fountains of 350ml paper glass and the price of these vary.
Limca has certain strong marketing points that help it to be one of the most consumed lemon flavor soda drinks. Key factors include:
• Branding and advertising: with the onset of summer season the brand comes up with interesting ad campaigns that reinforces the drink as one of its kind that refreshes you in hot summers. Limca has recently roped in Kareena Kapoor as it brand ambassadors in its ads with tag line ‘Pyaas Badhao’. The ads are usually quirky and invoke fun and entertainment.
• The wide spread distribution channels makes Limca available from corner shop to, high-rise malls. This ultimately leads to more sales and visibility.
• Limca is an old brand that backs trust and loyalty of consumers. 
• Limca has never targeted a particular age group rather it has projected itself as a lemony flavor aerated drink for all which has worked it its favor.
Limca has competitors like Miranda Lemon, 7 Up, Sprite and local lemon players that it needs to constantly fight to save its position as no.1 sparkling drink in the cloudy lemon segment. Limca has always positioned itself as a drink that provides you freshness with its distinct lemon flavor that refreshes you completely and therefore its ad campaigns also focus attracting the consumers on same lines.
Other Associations: Limca publishes the very famous ‘Limca Book of Records’ that is a record book similar to ‘Guinness Book of Records’.  The book records details feats, unique statistics and records from an Indian perspective. 
The controversy: Limca also fell into controversy for having brominated vegetable oil (BVO) as its content before 1988 which was reported to have serious ill effects on health of the consumers and therefore banned in India. But Limca was quick in responding to the controversy by changing its original formula and making it BVO free. 
Limca now has the trust of Indian consumer although the drink is still unpopular with health conscious people. 
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