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Probability of success rate of Aadhaar Card

Probability of success rate of Aadhaar Card

MBA aspirants must be updated with General Awareness on current topics. General awareness topics with analytically drawn conclusions will benefit you in Essay writing   / GD & PI. Today, you will read General Awareness Topic:

Probability of success rate of Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar card is a unique 12 digit identification number code issued by Government of India to the citizens of INDIA. The number is to be stored in a centralized database which will be linked to demographic and biometric information i.e. photographs, ten fingerprints, and iris of each individual. 
The program was first launched in Maharashtra dated on 29th September 2010. The program was inducted by our honorable Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh.
The logic stated behind Aadhaar card or Unique Identification Card (UID) is really something which needs to be admired. A unique number concept is working fine in few countries like US, China, Turkey, Thailand etc.
The main purpose of UID is Identification of Indian Citizen against illegal migrants. UID can be used by individuals to avail number of benefits like healthcare, banking, for legal documentation and to avail services provided by the government and the private sector. 
It will also provide governments with accurate data on residents and thus enable direct benefit programs. In spite of above benefits, there are several probable challenges due to lack of background work before launch. 
Currently there are several databases which exist in our country like Voter Identification Card, passport, Driving License and many more. All of these bases have been developed with some future prospective. Hence it’s really difficult to decide the mother base to develop UID.
There are many questions pertaining to UID which are still unanswerable like what would be the tracking mechanism of current illegal migrants? Will the issue of Multiple or Duplicate UID for an individual be addressed?  
As UID would not only be the alone database in the country, there are several others. The lack of process to keep these entire data base updated and in synchronization is a major challenge as the format for other database might not be similar.
Multiple duplication of same name can be a major issue for eg. Sachin Kumar Gupta, Sachin K Gupta, SK Gupta is a name but are shown in different ways. This may result in chaos where one person stayed in two different cities or states at single point of time.
There are areas which need to go correct in order to make any venture a success story.  If some of these actions are pro-actively taken care then it can help in minimizing certain challenges in making UID a success.
First of all UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) should run as a free body which will not come under any political influence.
There should be process of frequent review and plugging the gap within no time.
Judiciary & Legislative backing would be very helpful.
There should be implementation of UID in the given time span but without hurrying or overlooking the important entities.
Last but not the least UID should be declared under Zero Tolerance Zone. This can only be done with sheer commitment and faith at top level of the system. 
It is actually debatable point that whether high expense of approximately Rs.3170.31 crores on Aadhar project is justified and whether it will be proved as successful when similar kind of project NIR (national identification register) in UK got failed as many officials thought that it was interfering with freedom of citizens?
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