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The GMAT Official guide series updated for  2021

Creator of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) Exam Provides 15 Percent New Content in the  2021 Edition of the Official Guides to Support Aspiring MBA Students

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), in partnership with Wiley, is pleased to announce the publication of the GMAT Official Guide  2021series. As the only GMAT study guide to contain actual questions retired from the exam, this year’s edition contains 15 percent new content — including 220 never-before-seen questions across the Quantitative, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning sections of the GMAT exam.

Created and administered by GMAC, the GMAT exam is an important part of the admissions process for more than 6,500 graduate management programs worldwide. The guides offer a comprehensive set of questions for all types of test takers and they represent a significant first step for those who want to advance their careers through graduate management education. More than 2,100 universities and institutions in 115 countries use the GMAT exam as part of the selection criteria for their programs.

The GMAT Official Guide  2021 series — comprising the GMAT Official Guide  2021: Book + Online, GMAT Official Guide  2021 Quantitative Review: Book + Online, and the GMAT Official Guide  2021 Verbal Review: Book + Online — offers access to more than 1,500 past GMAT questions. The GMAT Official Guide  2021 also includes a 100-question diagnostic test to help focus test preparation studies. 

ONLINE RESOURCES: The print guides are accompanied by an online question bank that offers students the ability to practice the same questions from the guides in an online space. Students can create their own practice sets and exams based on content type and/or difficulty level. The question bank is designed to help students practice pacing and time management.

“As the only study resource in the market with actual GMAT questions from past exams, the  2021 GMAT Official Guide and supplements remain an essential part of the graduate business applicant’s GMAT study preparation,” said Ashok Sarathy, vice president, Product Management, GMAC. “The GMAT exam has a rich history being that it was designed for business schools by business schools to specifically assess the skills most relevant to succeed in a graduate management business program. Today, 9 out of 10 new MBA enrollments at the top 50 U.S. full-time MBA programs are made using a GMAT score.”

“Wiley is delighted to continue to partner with GMAC, one of the most visible organizations for graduate business education, said David Pugh, Senior Vice President, Professional Learning, at Wiley. The GMAT is considered the gold standard for business school admissions and we are excited to publish the most authoritative guides that help students prepare for the exam and accomplish their professional development goals.”

The GMAT Official Guide  2021 Series is available at mba.com/store and bookstores worldwide. Additional product features of the Official Guide  2021 series:

  • GMAT Official Guide  2021: Book + Online (ISBN: 978-1-119-38747-3)
  • A print guide with more than 900 practice questions and answer explanations, including 61 quantitative and 61 verbal, never-before-seen questions. It also includes online integrated reasoning questions, a diagnostic test, study tips and test-taking strategies ($45.95/£30.99).
  • GMAT Official Guide  2021 Quantitative Review: Book + Online (ISBN: 978-1-119-38749-7)
  • A print guide with 300 practice questions and answer explanations, including 45 never-before-seen questions ($19.99/£13.99).
  • GMAT Official Guide  2021 Verbal Review: Book + Online (ISBN: 978-1-119-38744-2)
  • A print guide with 300 practice questions and answer explanations, including 45 never-before-seen questions ($19.99/£13.99).

With all three books, students gain access to more than 1,500 real, retired GMAT questions plus the online help needed for practice. The Official Guides are designed to help students throughout their preparation journey.

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