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English Grammar Article Exercises with Examples, Types of Article

Articles Grammar Exercises with Examples

An article is a kind of determiner which is always used with and gives some information about a noun. They specify the definiteness of the noun. There are three articles used in English language- 'a', 'an', 'the'. Every noun must be accompanied by the article, if any, corresponding to its definiteness, and the lack of an article itself specifies a certain definiteness. Given the frequency with which they appear, these words are certainly indispensable to the language.

Therefore, this module will discuss articles for the benefit of the MBA aspirants to help them improve their language skills and become aware of one of the components of English grammar

Articles are divided into two categories:

Indefinite Article

Indefinite articles are used:
- with countable nouns when we don't know exactly which one we are referring to.

For instance,

  • The teacher is talking about a ten year old boy 
  • I saw a movie last night
  • I ate an apple pie today
  • It costs a hundred rupees
  • I eat an orange every day for breakfast

- while referring to a particular member of a group.

For instance,

  • John is a Catholic
  • Be a responsible citizen of the country
  • Raghav is an amazing dancer

- to say what someone is or what job they do.

For instance,

  • He is a teacher.
  • Jane is a chef
  •  My son is an ornithologist

- with a singular noun to refer to all things of that kind.

For instance,

  • A dog is man's best friend
  • An apple a day, keeps doctor away
  • It was an urgent requirement

There are two types of indefinite articles:
-'a' is used with words starting with consonant sounds, for example, a doctor, a boy, a car, a university, a week, a house etc.
-'an' is used with words starting with vowel sounds, for example, an engineer, an orange, an honest man an elephant, an angle, an ice-cream, an octopus, an MBA exam etc.

Definite Article

There is only one definite article, 'the'. Definite article is used before a noun when we believe the listener knows exactly what we referring to
- because there is only one.

For instance,

  • The President of India is going to visit the US soon
  • The apple pie I tasted yesterday was delicious
  • the movie I saw last night was boring
  • the fajitas were spicy
  • Amitabh Bachchan is the one and only mega star

- because we have already mentioned it.

For instance,

  • A terrorist entered the mall. The terrorist was accompanied by three other men
  • We bought a dozen apples today. They are the yummiest apples
  • Mom baked a cake last night. The cake was delicious

We also use definite article with:
countries whose names include words like kingdom, states or republic-the United Kingdom, the Kingdom of Nepal and The Republic of Congo or The United States of America.
mountain ranges, group of islands, rivers, seas, oceans and canals- the Himalayas, the Atlantic, the Arabian Sea, The Gibraltar, The Andamans, The Rocky Mountains, The Bahamas
newspapers-The Times of India, The Washington Post, The Hindu
organisations: the United Nations, The IIMs, The University of Oxford
with superlatives: the brightest student, the longest river, the most significant achievement

Practice Test

Question: Complete the following sentences by filling in 'a' or 'an' or 'the' as may be suitable

  1. I am a fan of __ Greek culture.
  2. I dread ____ principle is furious.
  3. Dan was __ assistant director in that movie.
  4. We live in ___ united community.
  5. He loves playing ___ hornet.
  6. Is there __ ‘m’ in your name.
  7. Where are __ apricots your uncle sent.
  8. My birthday is on __ 6th of May.
  9. ___ Netherlands is still under ___ lockdown.
  10. I have ___ important information for you.
  11. Abhijit Banerjee is __ Nobel prize winner.
  12. ___ Mehta’s invited their friends and family.
  13. Onions cost __ whooping $10 __ pound.
  14. Where is ___ busiest city in ___ world.
  15. My dog is ___ Dalmatian.
  16. ___ migrant workers need our help.
  17. Jane heard __ siren and panicked.
  18. I still remember ___ summer of ’69.
  19. I am on __ UN mission.
  20. Abhijit Banerjee won __ Nobel prize in Economics.
  21. Rob wants __ hour off.
  22.  He is ___ European boy.
  23. Mumbai is ___ busy city.
  24. MBA Rendezvous is ___ excellent web portal to get __ latest MBA related news.
  26. Rajesh has ___ very interesting point to make.

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