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How to ace vocabulary?

How to ace vocabulary?


It is essential for MBA aspirants to be best with vocabulary which will be useful for communications skills both in oral and written. With your enriched vocabulary you will be able to score in Reading Comprehension (R C) sections of the exams.  

RC is common in all exams viz. CAT / XAT / IIFT / SNAP / NMAT / CMAT & MAT

All MBA aspirants’ need to have best of the vocabulary support and definitely everybody has room for the improvement, although it is not an easy task but with the practice you can improve a lot.

Those who are poor they can start building vocabulary for CAT with the following six steps:

  • Divide the note book into 3 columns and write down new word in the first column and in 2nd column for the meaning of the word along with the resource of the word as that might help you to understand the correct usage of the word and in the 3rd column make a sentence of the word for further practice
  • Ensure that the above remains top of the mind and try to relate these words on day to day life so that you continue to have different sentences and become habitual of using these words
  • For expanding vocabulary, ensure that you are learning at least 5 words on daily basis and in this regard always try to learn and absorb from News and analysis programmes on TV / Radio but read a lot on Newspapers and comics
  • Continue to visualize sentences to enrich your vocabulary and adapt in daily conversations and mails not only that but speak the similar sentences with your friends and in return try to grasp the usage of the similar type of words from your friends also
  • Try to develop different contest of the similar meaning as this is the easiest step to build and expand vocabulary
  • Last step is that after having understood at least 100 words, now you expand further with synonyms and antonyms of the words and all the above steps continue to expand and practice

Those who are already good at vocabulary, they still need to  further expand and try to have usage of complex words because language skills have no boundaries hence, continue to expand because you will be getting jumbled words also in RCs.

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