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How to enhance Language skills | Tips for MBA entrance exams

Language skills can't be learnt overnight

As language is dynamic and not static, language acquisition is a long process. It cannot be learnt overnight. The speed of language acquisition is dictated by one’s attitude and interest towards a language, aptitude, perseverance and environment.  

1. Different components

A language has a variety of components which together make up that language. Learning language skills is a complex process that includes the grammar of the language, rules and principles on which the language rests, vocabulary, communication, comprehension, pronunciation, spellings and so on. As far as language skills are concerned, there are primarily four primary skills- speaking, writing, reading and listening. All these depend on the various components of the language.

2. Lifelong process

Language is dynamic and not static. It keeps on evolving with time, adopting to the new environment and experiences. One can acquire the grammar of a language, which is relatively static and can be memorized but that does not mean one knows the language completely. Knowing the grammar means that you have the building blocks of the language. However, the application of the grammar in the real world is something that cannot be learnt overnight. There will be changes in the way words are combined, in vocabulary, in sentence construction and so on. At best, it is possible to develop a good command on the language over time.

3. Age

Learning language skills is inextricably linked with age. It is an established fact that a child’s mind is sharper and more adept at adding new words to his/ her vocabulary than an adult. This means that the ability to acquire language is at its peak during childhood. With age, the ability to acquire new words reduces. This slows down the language acquisition process. But with the right guidance and dedication, one can acquire decent language skills within a period of time.

4. Observe

To acquire language skills, one needs to possess good observation skills. By observing how the language is being implemented across various mediums, it is possible to speed up the process of learning. Often, one learns so much more by observing and unconsciously begins to execute what one has observed.

5. Implementation

Language cannot be acquired without practice. One needs the right platform to execute whatever we have acquired. A sportsman does not become a legend in the game overnight. The likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer have become champions over time, after relentlessly pursuing their passion and working hard towards their goals every minute. In a similar way, learning to read, write and speak well requires time, effort and also the suitable environment. Writing, for instance, is something that anybody, with some knowledge of the language, can do. But to make writing effective, such that it leaves an impression on the reader, a lot of practice is required.

 It is certain that language skills can’t be learnt overnight. The complexity involved in learning a language makes it time consuming. But it’s worth the effort.

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