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Recognize & Avoid Speed breakers in RC (Reading Comprehension)

Recognize & Avoid Speed breakers in RC | Reading Comprehension | MBARendezvous

Recognize & Avoid Speed breakers in RC (Reading Comprehension)

Reading and comprehension are two integral parts of a language. People with a flair for a language will find these skills easy to master while others will have to make a conscious effort to master these skills. The importance of these skills can be gauged from the fact that they are a part of almost every entrance exam where verbal ability is to be tested. In an MBA entrance exam, to do well in the Reading Comprehension section, one must learn to negotiate the hurdles that one faces.

1. Speed
An MBA entrance exam needs to be finished within a certain period of time. This highlights the need for speed and accuracy. It is necessary that prior to attempting the exam, you increase your speed of reading. This does not, in any way, mean skipping words or lines, but reading and registering every word as quickly as possible. This is going to help you read the passage quickly, without losing out on any important point. 

2.Limited vocabulary
Failure to understand the meaning of words in the passage will hamper your reading, as well as, comprehension of the passage. Limited vocabulary is a major constraint in reading. An effective reader will possess a good vocabulary and will be able to find a way, even if he/ she does not know the meaning of a particular word, by understanding the context in which the word has been used. Regular improvement of vocabulary is necessary so that it does not become a deterring factor in the exam.

3. Time management
Often, candidates dwell too much on a particular question, consuming precious time, which could be used to tackle other questions. Given the importance of an MBA entrance exam for aspirants, they cannot afford to miss out on any question for lack of time. Management of time is a crucial aspect of solving the Reading Comprehension section. The aspirants should train themselves to read the passage within 3 minutes and solve the questions, without spending too much time on a particular question.

4. Focus
While attempting Reading Comprehension, all focus should be on the passage and the questions given. There will be times when you don’t understand the passage or the passage is complex and confusing, keeping your focus intact and working your way intelligently through the passage should be your aim. Identifying the words or ideas of importance in the passage will enable you to deal with the most complex passages with ease.    

5. Strategy
Attempting the comprehension without a strategy in mind might waste time and leave you confused. Regular practice of comprehension will help you work out the best strategy for yourself to attempt the passage. It could be, to read the questions first and then the passage or vice-versa or to read every word of the passage or to skim through the passage, whatever works best for you.

Reading Comprehension can be a scoring section, if you identify and remove the speed breakers which prevent you from answering the questions quickly and effectively.

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