How KSOM helps you live the best 2 years of your life

The campus and hostel life at KSOM is high-spirited, adventurous, a little pressurizing and yet enjoyable in its own unique way. Every morning, students wake up with a new goal to chase and new ideas to work upon.

Having been ranked amongst the best business schools in eastern India, at KSOM everyone believes in surpassing standards, and setting new benchmarks. The faculty members and students come from different backgrounds, from prestigious universities both in India and abroad. Every moment spent at the campus is full of zeal, to grow in some manner and be the difference in society.

Here are some of the major activities which ensure that students live the best two years of their lives at KSOM!

The fast paced life

Abiding by everything written in the rulebooks offers a different kind of fun at KSOM. Even though the college schedule can sometimes seem breathless, making students a little frustrated sometimes, in the end everyone realizes that it’s for their own good. The strict pattern and regime enable students to develop themselves into capable managers of tomorrow.

The heavy assignments’ load and the preparation for presentation every other day, not to forget the surprise quizzes are some aspects that work as catalysts to create structure in students’ lives. Everything serves as a solid force, driving students to push their boundaries and get better with each passing day. While there is plenty of emphasis on academics, everyone is encouraged to develop their extracurricular and co-curricular abilities too, by taking part in all kinds of workshops and seminars.

Clubs and societies at KSOM

Then there are various groups and clubs which add to every student’s personality, helping them play their own unique role, in the form of a resource person, a participant, a coordinator or something else, to contribute to the various activities. Students get to hone their management skills by taking charge of several aspects of these clubs and societies. Following is a list of student clubs at KSOM:


The Finance Club


The Cultural Club


The Entrepreneurship Club


The Human Resources (HR) Club


The Technology and Operations Club


The Marketing Club

First Cut

The Media Club


The Sports Club


The Advertising Club


The Alumni Club

Kolosseum – The Annual Extravaganza at KSOM

KSOM’s annual festival ‘Kolosseum’ becomes the ideal testing ground for students to apply their multitasking abilities, coordination, leadership, teamwork and patience, to create something amazing for everyone. It’s a three-day event that features different types of star performances, creative games, cultural activities and management games. Not only are the students able to hone their management skills through this event, they are also able to compete with the best and brightest of participating business schools, including the likes of IIMs, XIMB etc.

Some of the events that are an integral part of Kolosseum are:

  • LAN Gaming
  • Business Quiz
  • Management games like business simulations, case studies, ad mad shows etc.
  • Star Night featuring a performer from Bollywood
  • Stock Market Simulations
  • Creative competitions like singing, dancing and T-shirt painting

Here you can find more details on all the past Kolosseum festivals held at KSOM.

KCL – KSOM’s Cricket League

KSOM students have been organizing their own T20 cricket tournament called KCL since 2010. It has the same format as IPL, with team owners purchasing players with virtual money in player auctions. Every year the event starts with a friendly match between the staff and the faculty, followed by day-night matches between the participating teams. The playground overlooking the hostel rooms becomes the perfect venue for nail-biting cricket matches.

Campus Magazine

KSOM’s campus magazine ‘Pravah’ was launched by the school’s Literary Society in the year 2010. It features both non-management and management articles written by faculty members and students. The magazine has had six issues since its launch and has received widespread accolades for setting new benchmarks each time.

Section matches

This one’s a major event which features a wide number of competitions (over 100) between the sections of two MBA batches. Some of these competitions are creative games, management games, outdoor sports events, indoor sports events etc. The event is entirely organized and managed by the students, with every section having its own T-shirt, banner and logo. In the end, a champion section is announced based on a point-based system.

Service towards the under-privileged

At KSOM, students actively contribute to the social cause by collecting stationery, blankets, clothes etc. from the campus and then donating them to the needy people staying near the campus. This activity is ongoing and happens all through the year. Apart from this, a NSS (National Service Scheme) wing also runs at the campus, which enables students to indulge in community development and social activities on a regular basis. As a part of this initiative, students get to visit the neighbouring slums where they get a better understanding of their problems, and then offer suggestions to solve the same.

Sports Committee

Sports forms an integral part of the KSOM life. The institute has a well-managed sports committee that takes care of various sports activities (both outdoor and indoor) organized in the campus. The committee organizes all kinds of sports events like football tournaments, table tennis events and cricket tournaments in the campus.

Student Mentorship Program

In KIIT School of Management (KSOM), students are mentored by assigned faculty. Faculty mentors play a vital role in nurturing and shaping the character of the students in multiple dimensions in addition to extending advice for facilitating learning. Effective student-Faculty engagement remains central to the students’ overall development to emerge as management professionals and responsible value adding members to the society and community.

Events and Cultural committee

There is a separate Events and Cultural Committee that actively puts in efforts to celebrate the cultural activities and festivals of different parts of India, embracing and celebrating along with students from diverse backgrounds.

Hostel days

Despite all the odds and hardships faced in the hostel life, no hostel student can deny that every minute spent at the hostel is definitely worth living. From a race to bathe first in the morning, to midnight cooking sessions, to those tiffs for the corner spots in the rooms, to those birthday parties, to Wi-Fi fights, to those group studies (which hardly involve any study!), every moment spent in the hostel becomes an integral part of the students’ lives.