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Keeping yourself motivated and in good spirits as you prepare for the most important exam of your life, one that will decide your future, is necessary. You need to keep your mind and body in good health. For this, creating a positive environment around and pepping yourself regularly is a must to keep you motivated through and through.

Stay Positive

There is nothing better than positivity to lift your flagging spirits. With so much negativity in today’s world, it is important to find ways to remain positive and maintain an optimistic outlook. As easy as it sounds, being positive is one of the hardest things to do today and requires regular and conscious effort from an individual. Train your mind to shun pessimism and instead, look at the bright side always. For instance, instead of asking yourself questions such as,

“Why did this happen to me?

Why am I the only one to suffer?”

change the questions to

“What can I learn from the situation?

How can I overcome the situation?”

Be grateful for what you have rather than cribbing about what you don’t. Also create a positive environment around yourself and spend more time with people who lift your spirits.

Positive Self Talk

What you say to yourself is very important. With the kind of ruthless competition in today’s world, where people are waiting to crush you at the first instance, keeping your self-confidence intact is the most courageous thing you can do. One way of doing this is by regularly talking to yourself and reinforcing a positive image of yourself in your own eyes. There is no better way to pep yourself up than a 2 minute self- talk to maintain your spirits.

Manage Stress

The best way to beat the stress and fill yourself with optimism is by finding some undisturbed, alone time for yourself every day. In the fast-paced life, it is crucial to take some time out for introspection and put things in perspective for yourself. You can beat stress by regularly indulging in activities that you like doing, such as reading, playing sports, talking to friends and so on.

Focus on the Goal

You can pep up yourself by constantly reminding yourself about your goals, the target that you are running after. There is no bigger motivation than your dreams, your ambition to lift you and keep you on track. Never lose sight of your goals, for this will be the main driving force in your life, which will keep pushing you harder.

Write Out Lists

Preparing lists not only helps you regain focus but also in maintaining a positive mindset throughout. The lists could be anything, from your strengths, talents or passion to your short and long term goals to the steps you need to take to fulfil those goals. This acts as a positive reinforcement to your mind.

For an exam like CAT on which the hopes of several aspirants rest, one needs to have a positive frame of mind and stay motivated throughout.

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