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An idiom is an expression or a phrase whose meaning cannot be easily understood from the individual meanings of the words it contains. Idioms play an important part in the language as they make language richer and more colourful and convey their point subtly. The aspirants can use idioms to enrich their language skills, make an impact and say more in few words. Find a list of few idioms given below:



Actions speak louder than words  

People's intentions can be judged better by what they do than what they say

At the drop of a hat


Have an ace up your sleeve

Have a secret advantage

Up in arms

Protesting angrily about something

Back to square one

Back to the starting point, with no progress made

A bed of roses

A situation or activity that is comfortable or easy

A bird's eye view

A general view from above

Can't judge a book by its cover

Cannot judge something primarily on appearance

Bury the hatchet

End a quarrel or conflict and become friendly

Count your blessings

Be grateful for what you have

Off the cuff

Without preparation

Get on like a house of fire

Have a good and friendly relationship

Let bygones be bygones

Forgive and forget past offences or causes of conflict

The cat has got someone's tongue

Someone is remaining silent

Let the cat out of the bag

Revel a secret, especially carelessly or by mistake

Under fire    

Being severely criticized

Breathe fire    

Be fiercely angry

The bottom line   

The important conclusion

Live out of a suitcase

A great deal of travelling

For good measure  

In addition to what has already been said, done

Send in your papers   


Paddle your own canoe

Be independent and self sufficient

Roll up your sleeves

Prepare to fight or work

Make a rod for your own back   

Do something likely to cause difficulties for yourself later

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Test Yourself

Q1. Complete the table:




Spill the beans  

Don't spill the beans yet.

Keep an eye out for that 

Maintain awareness of it   

Beating around the bush  

Avoiding the main topic

Adjusting quickly to changes and making fast decisions    

He had to think on his feat to close the deal.

Tricks of the trade     

Clever or expert way of doing something    

Answer Key

a. let out a secret

b. Keep an eye out on that job.

c. Stop beating around the bush and come to the point.

d. think on your feet

e. Doing the job over several years, I know all tricks of the trade.

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