How to ace GK section in IIFT 2023? [IIFT GK Questions]

IIFT gk questions

General Knowledge is a dynamic discipline. It is continuously evolving. Yet, there is a part of GK which remains constant. Accordingly, for the sake of differentiating between the two, GK can be said to comprise of:

1. Static GK

Static GK covers areas which remain constant over time. Such areas include:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Sports
  • Science and Technology
  • Indian Political System and Constitution
  • Economy
  • World Bodies

For instance, the fact that India is part of Asia, or that Sachin Tendulkar is a cricketer, or that India gained independence in 1947 are facts that remain unchanged.

Prepare for Static GK

The best way to prepare for this part of GK is to read up regularly and try to retain anything that is of importance and is fixed. Also, it is a good idea to look for reliable resources and refreshers to assimilate as much as possible. Unknowingly, you would already possess a lot of such information through observation, reading newspapers, years of schooling and so on. You just have to build on it.

2. Current GK

Current GK covers areas that are constantly evolving and being updated. This is the dynamic part of GK. As it is ever changing, it is wise to keep yourself updated on the happenings in India and the world in the last one year. Questions in this can come from areas such as:

  • Indian Politics
  • Sports
  • Organizations
  • People in News
  • Economy

For instance, the winner of any award changes every year, politicians occupying important offices are likely to change every now and then and so on.

Prepare for Current GK

The best way to keep yourself updated on Current happenings is to absorb everything that is making news, from more than one source of news, such as newspapers, TV and internet.

Important Dates

As per the press release by NTA on their official website, the IIFT 2023 important dates are:

IIFT Exam Events

IIFT 2023 Dates

IIFT 2023 registrations begin

September 2022

Last Date of registrations  October 2022

Admit card download begins

2nd week of November 2022

IIFT 2023 exam

December 2022

IIFT answer key release

The second week of December 2022

IIFT 2023 Result announcement

Last week of December 2022

How to attempt the GK section of IIFT?

Unlike other sections, the GK section of IIFT is not time-consuming. The choice that you have is fairly easy- either you know the answer or you don’t or you can guess the answer intelligently.

  • Scan the questions and identify the ones you are sure of
  • Attempt the questions you find easy and are confident about
  • From the remaining questions, identify the ones you can work your answer through intelligent guessing, process of elimination and so on
  • Attempt these questions if your reasonably confident
  • Beware of negative marking, hence leave the questions you are unsure of

Attempt Mock Tests

To better understand the kind of questions to be expected in the GK section, you must attempt a few Mock Tests. They will give you an idea about the questions, about the time you need to spend on each question, as also about the areas you need to revise.

GK Section and Accuracy

The GK section can help you increase your accuracy levels. As there is no calculations involved, either you know the answer or you don’t. There is very little chance of confusion.

Important general areas

The following areas can be focused on:

  • Important committees, people in news and so on
  • World Bodies
  • Business
  • Foreign Trade
  • Important Logos and punchlines
  • Books and authors
  • Indian Polity


You can clear the cut-off for the GK section, if you work systematically. As the syllabus for GK is close to infinite, it is best if you plan your schedule wisely and focus on areas that one could expect in the IIFT exam.


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