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IIM Raipur organizes Management Confluence on Best Practices in Change Management focusing on sensing the need for change and designing its successful adoption into practice On November 24th, 2012
The incessantly evolving business environment necessitates the organizations to constantly change and adapt by evaluating their business models. Business environment is affected by multitude of factors such as Politico-legal, socio-economical, technological, environmental and legal factors.
The Management confluence 2012 focuses on these aspects of Change Management to be discussed in two panels with overarching themes:
A.Change Strategy: Handling dynamic environment
Today’s ever dynamic business environmentconstantly challenges companies to respond quickly or pushed to the side-lines. There is a constant needfor innovative marketing, financial and operating strategies. This panel focuses on the methodologies involved, the primary factors that necessitate change, change implementation strategies and the technological facilitation of the process.
B.People Management: Communicating and Implementing Change
Change methodologies themselves do not capture value; value is realized only through the sustained, collective actions of the thousands — perhaps the tens of thousands — of employees who are responsible for engaging with the changed environment. This panel focuses on the importance of communications, the psychological issues involved and the training and development initiatives of the employees.
Some of the key speakers include:
  • Mr.Nimish Gupta, Assistant Vice President HR Recruitment (Head Regional APAC & IMEA & Global Head Campus), Mahindra Satyam.
  • Mr.SuryanilGhosh, Chief Mentor, Totalinx.
  • Mr.Tojo Jose, Executive Vice President – HR, Bluestar.
  • Dr.AmitKapoor, Honorary Chairman, Institute for Competitiveness, IFC.
  • Mr.Andrine Mendez, CEO, SaltMangoTree.
  • Mr. Abraham Ranji, Director – HR, Delphi.

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