Sep MAT: Tips on Language Comprehension

Exam Date (CBT) : 21st Aug 2021

MAT exam tips, Tips on Language comprehension

MBA aspirants, who are appearing in MAT being conducted 1st Sep 2019 (Paper Based) and 14th Sep 2019  Computer-based) should keep following tips for Language comprehension:

In Language Comprehension section of Sep MAT 2019, there will be a few questions on the rearrangement of sentences of a paragraph. In each question, there will be four and six sentences, in jumbled form.

You are required to identify the opening sentence, the conclusion and then arrange the remaining sentences in such a manner that the entire paragraph reads in a coherent manner. 

  • Before you can form paragraphs, it is important to understand the gist of the paragraph. This requires one to read all the sentences carefully. Apart from practicing past years’ papers, one should study sentence construction rules in greater depth. Identifying the opening and concluding sentences are easy. 
  • The opening sentence is usually the sentence that introduces an idea or a concept. The last sentence will conclude what has been covered in the paragraph. 
  • Once the opening sentence has been identified, you should zero in on the next sentence that acts as a continuation of the idea being discussed in the paragraph. To ace this section, it is important to find links between two sentences.
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Expert advice that it is important to read extensively to ace this section. By reading online newspapers, you will be able to understand how sentences are linked to one another. 

Plus, you should make it a point to read all the options in the question to understand the gist of the paragraph. Unless you are clear about what is being conveyed in the paragraph, you will find it difficult to form a coherent paragraph. 


You must identify pairs of sentences that go together. For example, if one of the sentences begins with ‘on one hand,’ it should be accompanied by another sentence that begins with ‘on the other hand.’ Also, look for pronouns and respective nouns that sentences refer to.

For example, if one of the sentences has the word, ‘they’ in it, the preceding sentence should have a noun which shines light on what ‘they’ refers to.

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