MBA Starter Guide

MBA Starter guide

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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Published: Wednesday, 29 March, 2017 12:30 PM

MBA Starter Guide

Most of the students who are passing through graduation final year must be contemplating about their career and within two or three months’ time, they will go through their final exams and  seriousness on career options will be more on what is that is possible for them in future?

Have you thought of doing MBA?

This question is quite difficult to answer for young person like you, who is doing graduation. As during this time you are overwhelmed with the pressure of degree exam which keeps you very busy over a month time and psychologically you are almost keeping your emotions to yourself. Hence, in this context you are dependent on your surroundings, friends and peers and you keep on listening stories that what can be the next step? Thinking of doing MBA becomes talk of the town most of the time and that really keeps you guessing that whether MBA can be your destination?

Why MBA?

In furtherance to the above the answer to the question why MBA, is really puzzling in the context that you are getting peer pressure and at the University level also you are not able to see and course / programme which can put you straight into career and gain you job. MBA is perhaps the top most programme and the only programme with which you can get into job positively hence, aiming for MBA can not only be one of the best programme but the only programme which gains you employability.

Getting into top MBA Institute is not easy

Fresh candidates like you need to understand that getting in to top MBA Institute is tougher than joining any course in University. Because of the simple reason that besides your knowledge your overall personality will also be at anvil. It is only top MBA Institute which can get you a thorough sailing for transforming you as a budding manager and this is a very vital point from the industry’s point of view.

MBA Entrance exams

 Before you aspire to be inducted in any of the MBA Institute which are 3000 plus AICTE approved Institutes at pan India besides 20 IIMs, you need to take MBA entrance examinations viz. CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, GMAT, CMAT, MAT etc. and need to score a high percentile in of the examinations, although you can take all examinations but the scores will be applicable for individual exam separately. Notifications for all these exams are likely to come from coming July onwards for the academic year of 2018 – 20 and as a fresh candidate you will be eligible to apply for these exams.

Percentile and not percentages

Candidates who aspire to crack any one of the MBA entrance exam need to note and understand that you will be getting scores not on percentage wise but on Percentile basis and this gives you one of the tougher time as till now you have been scoring in graduation on percentage basis. That itself reflects that not only you have to compete with many lacks of MBA aspirants but you have to gain Percentile also.

Attitude is paramount than MBA degree

Fresh candidates must make it a point to understand that with MBA degree, still you may not gain employability  until unless your positive attitude is a paramount and is embedded in your nature which can be visible through your body language and gestures, that is the reason that post MBA entrance exams after getting your name in cutoff list of MBA Institutes, still you will be tested for your soft skills in the form of overall communication, personality, attitude, adaptability and willingness to learn.

It is “can do attitude” which can sail you through MBA programme which must be taken very seriously at the institute once you are selected because it is two years in the campus which can create a solid foundation for you for your future endeavors and a bright career.

Time is ripe to get on to do a SWOT analysis on the above (S-Strength, W-Weakness, O-Opportunity, T-Threat) after having this analysis you may take a decision with full confidence and start preparation for examinations to achieve Mission Admission MBA.

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