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Reading success stories of great professionals stimulates motivational enzyme within us and we all wish to emulate them on our path of success. 
Exactly with this aim MBA Rendezvous is presenting you series of motivational stories of successful Professionals who have carved a niche in their own way and have become icons of Management Fraternity. 
Following above, read motivational story of Baichung Bhutia
Baichung Bhutia, an Indian footballer, has made his mark in the Indian sports arena. Baichung Bhutia was born on December 15, 1976, in Tinkitam, Sikkim, to two farmers, and from a young age, he showed a great interest in sports, including football, athletics, badminton and basketball. 
He received immense encouragement from his uncle, who motivated him to excel in sports. Baichung Bhutia was talented right from his childhood, but he was also hardworking and determined to make it big in the Indian sports arena.
So, he practised day and night and ultimately, he won a football scholarship from the Sports Authority of India at a tender age of nine to attend the Tashi Namgyal Academy in Gangtok.
This was the beginning for Baichung Bhutia, and this academy gave him a platform to play for several schools and local clubs. In the 1992 Subroto Cup, Baichung Bhutia won the ‘Best Player’ award and got recognition from Bhaskar Ganguly, former Indian goalkeeper, who helped Baichung Bhutia to hone his skills and paved the path for him to gain entry into the East Bengal Football Club in Calcutta.
Transfers between football clubs are common for players, and Baichung Bhutia, like any other player, was transferred to another club, JCT Mills, two years later. In the club, Baichung Bhutia underwent rigorous training, and the team managed to win the India National Football League in the 1996-1997 season.
 Baichung Bhutia was a remarkable striker, and since he scored the most number of goals in the league, he got the opportunity to participate in the Nehru Cup, and he secured the title – 1996 Indian Player of the Year.
Hard work and talent never go unnoticed. Baichung Bhutia was both talented and hardworking, which is why he managed to reap the sweet fruits of success. 
Today’s younger generation is so focused on the end results or the destination that it does not make the most of its learning journey. Success is not instant; it takes years of patience, diligence and determination, and this is what we can learn from Baichung Bhutia.
In 1997, Baichung Bhutia scored his first hat-trick, and later, took on a leadership role and became the captain of the East Bengal Club in the 1998-1999 season. For his outstanding performances and skills, the government of India gave Baichung Bhutia the Arjuna Award in 1999. 
Over the years, Baichung Bhutia played for foreign teams, but ultimately returned to India. In 2008, Baichung Bhutia was awarded the Padma Shri for his outstanding contribution to Indian football.
Today, Baichung Bhutia is a proud owner of Baichung Bhutia Football Schools in New Delhi, where he trains and encourages young athletes with interest and passion in football. 
Baichung Bhutia, apart from being a great footballer, is a great humanitarian too. In 2011, he helped raise funds for the victims of the Sikkim earthquake.
This is something that both the young and the old can learn from Baichung Bhutia – we should not just take from the society but give back to the society and the community. 
We should not just look into our welfare alone but help others and enhance their welfare too. Only when we help one another will we be able to move forward in life.
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