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How to Succeed in NMAT by GMAC 2019 Exam?

How to Succeed in NMAT 2019 exam

The NMAT by GMAC exam is a CBT and will be conducted between 4th October 2019 and 17th December 2019. NMAT exam schedule is divided into 5 windows and you can appear 3 times for it by re-taking your exam in different or same window. For more details, you can also refer to the NMAT important dates .

As compared to other exams, the difficulty level of NMAT 2019 is considered to be moderate. The key here is that you can appear for the exam thrice and hence the final percentile is calculated based on the scaled scores. How to ace NMAT section-wise has already been discussed. So let us share some basic tips on how to crack NMAT and how to choose your exam windows to help you succeed in your NMAT 2019 exam.

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Salient Features of NMAT 2019

  1. There are 5 exam windows
  2. You can give 3 attempts i.e. write once and retake your exam two more times.
  3. You can reschedule your exam dates.
  4. There is NO negative marking.
  5. There is sectional time limit and sectional cutoff.
  6. Online mock exams are available – free and paid – on the NMAT website.

Handy Tips

Here are 10 important things to keep in mind to help you prepare smartly and swiftly for NMAT exam:

  1. Write mock tests without fail. They are easily available online on the NMAT website. You can either practice them for free or buy for INR 499. Invest money on them only if NMAT is a top priority exam for you.
  2. Time yourself when you practice questions and write mock exams. There is sectional time limit and you have 0.69 to 1.25 seconds to attempt questions in the 3 sections.
  3. Devise strategies to solve questions and verify your approaches every time you write a mock exam.
  4.  Many questions in the VA section are vocabulary based thus prepare the NMAT word list to crack them easily.
  5. Have all your formulas on fingertips since Arithmetic is the predominant topic in the quant section. Also choose the easier of the DI sets.
  6. There are no set based questions in LR, but single instead. Hence select the questions very wisely.
  7. Since you get a choice to choose the section you want to start with, start with your strongest area. Otherwise Verbal is always a good section to start with.
  8. Do not leave questions un-attempted since there is no negative marking.
  9. Keep at least 2-4 weeks gap between your attempts. When choosing a date in window 5, it is best to pick dates from 1st week of December.
  10. PRACTICE well and don’t PANIC.

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