Don’t hide your emotions during PI

Don’t hide your emotions during PI

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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Let’s understand that since emotions are manifestation of passion hence, it is important not to hide them during PI but emotions need to be well played and blackmailing is prohibited.

Historically those Brand managers who created passion emotionally with their baby Brand have blossomed. Brands too play with consumers very emotionally.

Question like why you wish to specialise in marketing can be responded with great passion with explicit emotions that you like building Brands and you love to interact with consumer and wish to cover markets while giving the loud message that you are a go getter.

Why you wish to join a consulting firm? This question in PI can be equally answered with your passionate emotions for your research oriented mind set and that will open the PI discussion in your strong areas ending up with your selection.

Your one off statement in PI that you wish to become an entrepreneur that itself conveys that you do have emotions to peruse you passion.

Both emotions and passion play vital role to achieve pinnacle not only in career but in the journey of life too.

Your well-crafted answers in PI can facilitate you to let in the entrance gate of institute or organisation. 

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