How do I justify low school performance in PI

How do I justify low school performance in PI

How do I justify low school performance in PI

Why could you not do well in academics at school?: While growing up in school, we don’t realise the importance of keeping up our scores. So, when we encounter questions about our marks in school while being interviewed for MBA admissions, we are left wondering how to tackle them. Consistent academic record is crucial, for it reflects a certain discipline, mental and skill level, which is a good starting point for the panel. 

Uncomfortable question

The question, “Why could you not do well in academics at school?” is bound to be awkward for aspirants who have not had an excellent track record in school. This will surely put them in an uncomfortable position and it will be difficult for them to frame an answer. Although marks shouldn’t be the criteria to judge a person’s suitability for a course or job or define her/ his personality, it is increasingly being referred to in the interview stage of the admission process, to test how the aspirants react to it and handle it. 

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Aim of asking such a question

Besides finding out the reasons for your performance in school and deriving their conclusions from it, the interview panel would be more interested in seeing how you react to uncomfortable positions. Whether you come under pressure and feel nervous or you deal with it like any other question without losing your spirit and smile?

Be Positive

As an aspirant, you have to emanate positive energy in the interview and remain cheerful. You cannot afford to show your nervousness and anxiety during the interview. Keeping this in mind, your answer to this uncomfortable question should bring out your positivity and ability to move on from difficult times. Instead of feeling ashamed of your performance and not being at ease talking about it, you should be able to highlight the lessons you learnt from the poor performance and the steps you took to avoid being in the same position again.


Given that the academic performance in school is in the past, you should be able to show that you have accepted it and moved on from it rather than remaining stuck with it. Your positive attitude will enable you to convince the panel that you are graceful even in difficult times and do not go pinpointing at others for your own shortcomings. Acceptance is the first step to move on. Only, when you accept that you did not do well and are capable of a better performance, will you move on to find the reasons for the performance and then, to eliminate those reasons, so that you do not repeat them in future. 

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Be Honest

It works to be as honest as you can during the interview. In your answer to the given question, you could go on and mention the reasons you thought were responsible for your lacklustre performance in school. Clearly listing out these reasons will show your analytical and interpretation skills, crucial for a business executive. It will also prove to the interviewers that you are honest in critically analysing your failures instead of hiding from the real reasons. 

Advice for aspirants

Aspirants should not become uncomfortable with question about their weak performance in school or any other such question. The best way to answer such questions is to not lose your cool and to deal with it matter-of-factly without defending it or countering it. Maintain your positivity throughout and prove to the panel that you are better than you were in the past. 

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