Tips on telling what are you?

Tips on telling what are you?

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After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of Pi Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips : Tips on telling what are you?

The Personal Interview Round (PI) is the last opportunity for the candidates to make a favourable impression and seal his chances of getting admission in the prestigious institute. The candidates must think about the best ways to help the interviewers become familiar with you and reveal the things you would like them to know, without being outrightly desperate. PI, is indeed, the best medium available to the candidates where they can showcase the best traits in their personality and character in a more personal environment, than the entrance examination or the Group Discussion Round. 

The candidates must grab this opportunity with both hands and make it count.

Be honest

When honesty serves the purpose well, where is the need to be dishonest, or hide things about yourself. Your weaknesses become your strengths when you are brave enough to accept them and work on them. When you go for the interview, remember that the interviewers are wiser, more intelligent and have tremendous experience to boast of. They know their job well. So any attempt to deceive them or say something which is not true, will only ruin your chances. The first thing to keep in mind, therefore, is to be honest about who you are.

Be professional

Candidates must keep in mind that there are going for a professional interview, the success of which will give them admission to the best institutes of the country, in a professional course. So, the interviewers, too, expect a sense of seriousness and professionalism from the candidates in the way they conduct themselves during the interview as also in the way they answer the questions thrown at them. A bit of humour is alright, but any sarcastic remark, eccentric, loud, over- the- top behaviour will surely create an unfavourable impression. The idea is to convince the interviewers that you fit into their scheme of things. 

Anticipate questions

Though what happens in an interview cannot be predicted and there is an element of uncertainty surrounding it, the candidates should practice before appearing for the main interview. It is obvious that the candidates will be asked certain basic questions such as, “Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses”, “Why do you want to do MBA?”, “Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?”, “How will you bring about change in the society through your work?” and so on. Since, these basic questions are most likely to be asked, the candidates must think about the best way of answering them. These questions are important also because they reveal a lot about the candidates’ personality and help the interviewers to know more about them.

Don’t try too hard

Trying too hard to impress the interviewers will go against you. The interviewers are smart enough to know when the candidates are genuine in their replies and when they are acting or pretending. When you try too hard, you are only going to put yourself into trouble. Let the answers come naturally to you and this will only happen when they are genuine and not made up. 

Be who you are

In any situation in life, it is best to be who you are rather than be who people want you to be. If you start thinking in terms of becoming the person the interviewers want for their institute, your entire focus will be more towards meeting their expectations. This is not the best strategy in most cases, as it distracts you from projecting the real you and coming across as a genuine person. 

Advice for the candidates

PI is the last opportunity to project your true self and convince the interviewers. Putting up a fake show will only go against you. Use this chance to show them who you really are and hope for the best. 

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