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Why should you be selected?

Personal Interview

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of PI Tips.

As an aspirant, you are bound to feel over the moon if you crack the entrance exam, in most cases, CAT. But you ought to realise that the final stage, that is, Personal Interview, is still left to be conquered and might prove to be quite a hassle. Not many aspirants ask themselves difficult questions while preparing for the interview. The fundamental question that all candidates should ask themselves is ‘Why should they be selected?’ The answer to this question will lead the aspirant to some soul- searching and compel her/ him to think like the interviewer and prepare herself/ himself accordingly.


The aspirant should begin by introspecting, looking within. Questions such as, “Is she/ he equipped to handle the interview?” “What does she/ he wish to accomplish in the interview?” “What are her/ his larger goals in life and how will the interview help her/ him achieve them?” “What does she/ he need to do to ace the interview?” should be asked and explored by the candidate. The answers will give her/ him a perspective and strengthen her/ his inner self for the interview.

Strengthen your positives

The question, “Why should you be selected?” requires the aspirants to think of all the positive traits in her/ him that make her/ him suitable and worthy for admission in the institute for which the interview is being conducted. The aspirant must have a clear idea in his mind as to what her/ his strengths are and she/ he should use this knowledge to consolidate on those strengths.

Work on your weaknesses

Just as focussing on your strength is important, understanding your weaknesses is also crucial. The answer to the given question, “Why should you be selected?” also includes finding an answer to the question, “Why should you not be selected?” This enables you to eliminate your weaknesses before you go for the interview and present your strong self.

Market Yourself

The interview is another platform to market yourself to the interviewers and convince them that you are the product they need for the institute. In all your answers to the questions put up by the panel, you need to constantly veer the discussion towards your strengths and positives. It is worth remembering that at that moment, when you are facing the panel for the last time, the focus is ‘YOU’. The panel will judge you for who you are and not just what you have done so far. While bio- data and marks are important, the focus is more on understanding whether you, as a person, align with the philosophy of their institute or not, and whether you are worthy of admission among so many other candidates.

Make it easy

Yu are there to win over the interview panel, as the Personal Interview Round is the very last round to select candidates. Unnecessarily speaking complex jargon, or throwing your weight around will only reduce your chances. Therefore, as aspirants, you should endeavour to make things easy for the interviewers, so that by the end of the interview, your name and personality remains etched in their minds.   

Advice for aspirants

The only advice for aspirants is to be truthful to themselves. Use this opportunity to prove your mettle and show to the panel why you should be selected. Any failure to do this, will reduce your chance and increase the chance of others.

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