You are expected to be enthusiastic in PI

You are expected to be enthusiastic in PI
A Personal Interview is not a test of your skills and knowledge in a particular academic discipline, but it is the test of your presentation skills.
A business school already has a good idea about how you have performed in your college and university, which is why you have been selected for an interview. So, before you go for the Personal Interview, make it a point to hone your communication and people skills.
At a Personal Interview, you will be asked the reason for pursuing an MBA. You are expected to be enthusiastic while answering this question. Impress your interviewer by sharing your goals, vision and career aspirations that you have set for yourself.
If you have a story to share with your interviewer on the factors that have influenced you to pursue an MBA, don’t hold back. Your aim is to impress your interviewer with your confidence, communication skills and your enthusiasm for pursuing an MBA. 
Business schools want candidates who are eager and willing to participate in class discussions; they do not want an introvert who sits quietly in the corner of a room. And the Personal Interview is basically a test to understand your personality and to see if you fit into the culture of the school.
When you are asked about the reason for choosing the business school, show your interviewer how you fit into the dynamics of the business school setting. Tell your interviewer the positive aspects of the business school and what motivated you to apply for it. 
If you have friends and family members who are alumni of the business school, share with the interviewer on their achievements and how you would like to follow in their footsteps by embracing the knowledge and education offered by the business school.
The Personal Interview is a platform for you to show enthusiasm about joining an MBA program. The interviewers want to know if you are being forced to join the business school or if you are genuinely interested in the course. So, don’t hesitate. Speak convincingly and enthusiasm will automatically show on your face and in your words.

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