How to overcome anxiety before PI?

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Published: Tuesday, 07 February, 2017 10:45 AM

How to overcome anxiety before PI?

How to overcome anxiety before PI?
People get anxious when they are not confident of their communication skills or abilities. So, before your interview, hone your communication skills by interacting with family and friends in English. Many candidates who appear for MBA interviews are not confident while speaking in English because it is not their first language, and this is indeed a huge obstacle. 

≈  So, start by talking to people around you in English and then watching English news. By watching English news, you not only improve your grammar and vocabulary but also increase your awareness and understanding of current affairs, which is important in an MBA interview. 
 Interviewers may ask questions on the political scene in India or the latest developments in the business space; so, you should be well-prepared with the answers. Once you are prepared, your anxiety will automatically diminish.
 A few days prior to your interview, make it a point to go through what you have learnt in college, internships and other jobs. Sometimes, interviewers may ask you to elaborate on some of the theories you learnt in college or shine light on your job experience; here, you should not get perturbed. 
 Go through your résumé twice or even thrice and ensure that you can elaborate on every point mentioned in your résumé. 
≈ Before entering the interview room, do not focus your attention on other candidates, if any. Just close your eyes, stay calm, and take deep breaths in the waiting area. In short, do not let others intimidate you. Every individual has a certain amount of fear before and during an interview but the important thing is to not show it on your face. 
 Always exude confidence by maintaining a good body posture and keeping a smiling face. By doing so, the level of anxiety immediately drops.
Every MBA institute has a culture of its own. So, before the interview, find out from the alumni of the MBA institute on the culture of the institute and behave in a manner that is expected of you. By doing all this preparation beforehand and staying calm, you will be able to overcome your anxiety and perform well during the interview.


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