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All About Preposition - Types of Preposition, Examples, Exercises

Types of Preposition, Preposition Examples, Preposition Exercises


A preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show in what relation the person or thing denoted by it stands in regard to something else. A preposition used in the wrong place can turn the meaning of the sentence on its head. For instance, 'Please don't shout at me: calm down and speak normally' suggests anger and 'She shouted to me from the upstairs window' suggests that someone is calling someone to be heard. Changing prepositions will change the meaning of the sentence. That's how crucial the role of preposition is. A person with a good command over the English language will use prepositions correctly.

Types of Prepositions

                                   Preposition            Preposition            Preposition

Preposition of Place                 Preposition of Time                    Preposition of Direction

a. Preposition of Place
These prepositions are used to show the position or location of one thing with another. Some of the common prepositions of place are on, at, in, inside, over, against, below. The image below shows the idea conveyed by these prepositions.

XATPrepositionPreposition of Direction
These prepositions reveal the movement or direction of something. Some of the common prepositions of direction are to, from, up, down, into, over, under, through. The image below shows the idea conveyed by these prepositions.


Test yourself

 Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition.

  1. The child responded to his mother's demands _____ throwing a tantrum.
  2. I will wait _____ 6.30, but then I'm going home.
  3. My best friend, John, is named _____ his grandfather.
  4. My parents have been married _____ forty years.
  5. It's been snowing _____ Christmas morning.
  6. I get paid _____ the end of the month.
  7. I'll be with you _____ a moment.
  8. I've got a meeting _____ Monday morning.
  9. He enjoyed the peace as he walked _____ the forest.
  10. A grey mist hung _____ the fields.

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