Rendezvous of Academia Industry on Accreditation & Ranking


Triangle of Quality education supported with appropriate accreditation puts institutes on the ladder of ranking parameter.

It will be mirage to think beyond quality which has to be embedded both in pedagogy & curriculum.

End of the funnel, student is waiting to be armed with globally accepted accreditation & ranking hence, it is imperative for institutes to get in to more self-regulated mode.

To deliberate further a symposium is being organised on the theme “Factorising Quality is the task to achieve Accreditation & Ranking”.

  • Agenda

    Panel 1
    Rubrics of Accreditation and Ranking
    Solo Speech
    Ranking denotes Quality or USP ?
    Panel 2
    Vox Populi of Academia Industry on Accreditation & Ranking
    Impact Speech
    Mélange of Academia 4.0 & Industry 4.0 whys & Hows ?
    Scintillating Talk
    Skills are paramount & should have synergistic effect of Ranking ; Accreditation


Mr. A.S. Oberoi

Founder President

MBA Rendezvous | RAIN

Dr. Hitesh Arora

Dean (Academic Services)

FORE School Of Management, New Delhi

Mr. Anshul Kapoor

Chief Operating Officer

MBA Rendezvous | RAIN


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