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As an MBA aspirant, you must have been taking a lot of pressure. The pressure only becomes but obvious when you are appearing for an exam that would play a definitive role in making your carrier. If you have been working hard on getting selected in MBA somewhere down the line and at some point during the preparation, the age old long moot question regarding hard work and luck will definitely pop up in your mind and will make you think – What is it that is more important- hard work or luck? 

As stated above, the question is a moot topic and the answer to this very question would vary with the perspective that you give things. Given that, it is also true that arguments can be put forward to support both – the hard work as well as the luck.
As an MBA aspirant and as a student willing to get into the field of business management, it is important that you collate arguments and decide on your own, what would you want to bait on- hard work or luck? 
Hard work is more important than luck: 
Thomas Edison once quoted, “A genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration.” Coming from the mouth of a genius like Edison himself, the quote seems nothing but the very truth. If you are an MBA aspirant and looking to achieve success in life, you should read about some great people. They will help you formulate the basic rules of life.
People who achieved mortality through greatness were people who spend their entire life working as hard as they could. Whether it was the greatest scientist of our times, Sir Isaac Newton or the greatest thinker of our times, Karl Marx, they all spend their entire life working hard to achieve their goals. They skipped meals and studied under street lights and lamps. They skipped naps and concentrated on achieving their targets. 
The underlying lesson is that if you wish to achieve something, you will have to work extremely hard for it. Sometimes, the goals that you have decided are difficult to achieve and the roads that you take may seem perilous but the only thing that will keep you going and that will ultimately fetch you the success is hard work. Thus, do not hesitate from working hard and giving all your hours to your dream. Let your target be something to die for and also the reason to live for. 
Counter View: Luck plays a pivotal role in defining a man’s success
Hard work is important but if luck is not with you, you will not be able to achieve anything what you desire. Luck is extremely important. Let us take the case of Diego Maradona. Diego Maradano was like any other boy when a talent scout found him playing with other kids in the street. It was Maradona’s luck that he was discovered and henceforth groomed at such an early age.  He worked hard but more than hard luck, it was his luck that got him discovered at such a young age and that he got into the right hands. The fact is that there are so many people across the world who tries very hard to achieve their goals, they work day in and day out and yet are unable to achieve what they want in life. Why does that happen even after putting in all the hard work? The answer is because the luck is not with them. 
As an MBA aspirant, you need to weigh and collate both the view as well as the counter view. The fact is that one cannot achieve anything in life until and unless you put all your hard work and faith in it. However, luck is important too. So, the most important thing that you need to do is balance your mind and keep the stress off. Do all the hard work that you can and leave all the rest to luck. Stressing over what will happen will do nothing as taking stress or getting impatient and tensed, will not change a thing. It will only make the scenario worst and hard to cope with. 
As a student looking to qualify MBA it is very important that you learn to manage the stress that the students often go through. One needs to understand that what works is the right combination of hard work and luck. Hard work is something that you can do. The luck is not in your hands.
Thus, work as hard as you could and study as much as you can but do not take stress over the result. Luck only favors those who work hard. Ultimately, it is your destiny that decides and it will take you where you should be.
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